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  1. Hello, i'd like a bit of help and discussion between the 2 orc machines which one will be a good choice, im looking mostly for pvp but i also would like to pve in a good rate.
  2. Hello everyone,like my title says i'd like to start playing sayha seer, but i haven't found any info or guides about the class and that makes me think that the class isn't even wannable from other players. So i''d like some info about the class if it's good for pvp/pve(i know that for mass pve it sucks) but generally, and what kind of priority i need to give in terms of items and basicly any advice and info is welcoming. thanks!
  3. well i agree he's overgeared and etc, but still i think it's just not so many ppl want to play or willing to play as evi on pvp, they are more focused to play the trend of OP classes for pvps feohs/yuls!
  4. i dont think evi needs rework, i believe he's in not a bad state to be honest, even though i saw that he gets a bit of buff on next updates!
  5. how is that possible when with stg 2 you have more p.atk and more atr and have nice SAs also
  6. a stg 2 fists worse than +15 pve fists? don't troll lol
  7. tauti have a bit more p.atk. but i have ~8% soulshot dmg cause of the ++
  8. well i have right now a +12 blessed apo retri with mage sa but i will change them if i should keep it or trade it for normal tauti?
  9. I am seeking this reason cause in few months the sos will work only with tauti.. and not normal retri.. which i believe normal retri will be top with sos right? But im looking into the future also .. thats why i think if to buy emchanced slasher... also about my gear im new and ill have around 20-25b to start. The class will be titan.
  10. so it's not worth to buy enchanced slasher at all? the dmg wont be good?
  11. Hello how are you all? i'm going to start here and i want a honest advice on how duelist in hanging on and what's his current state, can i do pvp and pve with him? thank you all in advance and please dont reply on this post by saying dont come here to play and bla bla bla!
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