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  1. @Juji What is Hardin's Magical Bag ?? And what I get opening?
  2. As we all know, now the beginners will not be able to do adena anymore, here my sad feeling stay here Thx NCSoft
  3. I VOTE FOR REMOVE EVENT, NCWest have a lot of good events, and put a fail event? On last week @Hime say about the next event “a funny event” really funny, 95% of server can’t do it, if u doing two dungeons every day and get marks, on the last day you can’t have a +10 bracelet becouse need more marks... HOW I DO IT WITH ISS? HEALER? TANKER?
  4. 3 weeks without event, nice, classic open and live server dead...
  5. Where are the events? now after classic start are no longer giving attention to the live server ...
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