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  1. instead of moderating my posts maybe give me an answer?
  2. i purchased nc coins but the transaction is not visible in transaction history. I checked paypal and the payment is on stand by until ncsoft accepts it (??) I am still waiting for a reply from support. Can you guide me? WITHOUT 5 days delay? transaction code O201810189920170 Ty
  3. @Hime @Juji As i see by reading support team's replies to other player ban issues, most of the cases are permanent bans due to 3rd programm use. My character was also banned. I know that i did not use any kind of programm for any reason (not even for ping) and i don't really care about anyone else's opinion. As i understand your antibot software detects traces or something of programms like these on computers and gives autoban even if that programm doesn't even running atm. -It would be professionaly to post what should someone do to be sure that his computer is clear to access your
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