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  1. guys just forget it's f2p coz it's not and isn't gonna be it - admit you got catched by the 'marketing name'. Pay or go away that's theirs hidden slogan
  2. just get the vip 1 for 1$/mo to get into giran. The biggest quee i experienced after buying it was like ~ 50 - a couple of minutes waiting
  3. Hey, I'd like to ask what goods will You be adding to the ingame store? Will it be the same/ equal to Naia's and Chronos's store or maybe you found your brain and will not be adding p2w items?
  4. nicely said, .. sad that we don't have actual choice .. let players $ wallet dependent to play with each other as they wish, but save the game and run server sub based without the store bleep
  5. they also should know they will be loosing players in time because of l2 store whalees and serv with sub/based would keep them arround
  6. Since there is not any problem to open next servers i wonder if it's possible to run just one subscription based. Anybody likes it , write here anything to show them how many of us want it.
  7. it's not fair and will not be - the only thing we can do is to accept the fact or go away. They don't open the servers for the fair idea of equal chances to all - but for the money it brings. It's sad,we don't like it but it's true. Personally i try to login and get VIP 1 to see if i can log in within reasonable time to play. Its cost is 5$ for 5 month /1 account so it's very reasonable like for a game.. i think i'm not gonna spend for it more.
  8. playing L2 10 years but this is my first Ncsoft official server. the feeling is strange, a little embarassing. Looks like they allready have opened something they were not prepared for. bad research ;p
  9. the same here. looking for info how to become a Vip 1 outside the game
  10. "Please note, the use of a VPN or ping-reducing programs are not related to this." to make it clear, can some1 competent confirm that using programs like Pingzapper is totally safe and legal?
  11. just open 4th server , right now all those avaible are busy and to get inside Giran im 1660 in the quee
  12. Pls enable more payment methods like Paysafecard Skrill i wanna buy NCcoins :<<
  13. Hey i'm not very familiar with those currently availble payment methods.. Would it be possible to add Paysafecard or Skrill ?
  14. Is it possible allready now or is it gonna be in future? I mean moving character from one account to another within the same server
  15. no man *economy* here doesn't exist because players have no oportunity to start their business. Admins reduced adena ammount by 3/4 of what it should be and at the same time left normal prices at npc shops that are allready too high for the adena ammount drop. hope you get it
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