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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Instead of giving rewards at the end of raid buff, you should spawn a npc where raid died with 20 min duration, so player must interact with server to get the reward.
  2. Busco clan español en Giran

    Esta difícil parece. Yo estoy en uno pequeño con poca actividad, avisa si encuentras clan activo con cupos
  3. Hi Devs, I found a bug in the Quest, don't know if it is de drop rate or the mob doesn't exist. Quest instructions says to hunt Langk Lizardman Warriors. I was killing every Langk Lizardman types and no one gives me the quest item. Current Langk Lizardman types: Sentinel, Lieutenant, Shaman, Leader. UPDATE: It's just the location, Quest map shows mob location in Langk Lizardman Dwellings but they are in the path between Windmill Hill and Forgotten Temple Hope you can fix it. Regards.