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  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to a good year!
  2. Don't fall for the new Jewel event. It truly blows. NCSoft is sticking to the players yet again. This event is a game killer for sure. Lots better ways to spend your time.
  3. I would definitely agree with how poor NCSoft is again running an event. After 7 tries going for a Lvl 4 jewel (3 opals, 2 diamonds, 2 saphires), I have zero success. It appears that they really lowered the success rate (getting to level 3 is at least twice as difficult as before. If NCSoft's goal is to strongly discourage players from playing, they are succeeding! After playing this game on and off again for over 14 years - i'm seriously thinking about another long break after this event. Good job NCSoft on sticking to the players again. Great game, but NCSoft really blows.
  4. That is so true! I remember those days well! Some of my old clans - beginning clans - from Devianne: DarkLight (May/June 2004), Mercenaries (best Clan by far, started summer of 2004 - Auri, Greenie, Mars, Unem (just wow), Neo, lots more, old gang - was there til the end), Bloody Pirates, Syndicate, etc. Spent some time.... with Wretched Outcasts there long afterwards (yes - Slycutter.....funny, we fought them in the first big Siege at Heine castle back in the day [I died at least a dozen times during that siege - but took at least twice as many....lots of running back!], and we ended up
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