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  1. @Hime Was the queue problem solved and the client closed? They solved the problem of gold sellers? they are spamming the general chat promoting their illegal sales pages.
  2. Was the queue problem solved and the client closed?
  3. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    1593 people in queue... I recommend you do the following for the moment: * disconnect people who are afk for more than 30 min as a temporary measure (it does not matter if they are selling, fishing) * expel the sellers of adena for real money, they whisper to you offering you "services", take the trouble to ban the bots, and the gold sellers. * and consider expanding the number of people your server supports, expand the amount!
  4. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    @Hime Is it really still unable to be solved? I play on the server talking, and I can not enter. Come on Ncsoft! get to work urgently on that problem, people will get tired and will leave the game, give thanks that people are giving you an opportunity to return to lineage 2. But fix the problem now! Not the next maintenance, now! not tomorrow or past. And advice: * Take out the Dualbox. Ruins the role of the classes support. The game has to be single box, good hardcore as it has to be. español: ¿de verdad sigue sin poder resolverse ? juego en el servidor talking, y no puedo entrar. Vamos Ncsoft ! ponganse a trabajar urgente en ese problema, la gente se va a cansar y va a abandonar el juego, den gracias que la gente le esta dando una oportunidad de volver a lineage 2. Pero arreglen el problema ya! no el proximo mantenimiento, ahora ya! no mañana ni pasado. Y consejo: * Saquen el Dualbox. Arruina el rol de las classes suporte. El juego tiene que ser single box, bien hardcore como tiene que ser.
  5. I can not log

    I was playing on the Talking server, but since Saturday I could not play anymore, every time I enter the game it disconnects me. he says "the client will close" I do not even enter the pin ... I hope they can fix it quickly. WE WANT TO PLAY! and excuse me, but my English is very basic. (I'm Argentinean)