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  1. Need 3x sword of revolution blades! Pm Zinx ASAP!
  2. L2store isnt the problem. They want the money, with subscription base they can get both for those who wanna play legit and those who wanna pay. Both have the ability to be equal pending on what is offered.
  3. back when you had to fight to get off TI because PKers were hiding by the boats. Ugh the good ol days
  4. All they need to do is increase server capacity. Legit would solve 100% of their que issues. private servers can run 9k players. this is capped at 5k
  5. Exactly what the title say, create a subscription base pay where players can sub 15$ a month to receive full VIP benefits. These VIP benefits are also payable to those who just want to purchase NCSoft coins and buy their on VIP. A subscription base pay will help increase your profits (which we all know thats what you're going for) and help maintain the balance between pay to win and free to play players. Or something else idk just a suggestion but I highly suggest a Subscription base pay
  6. Is there anyway you can make the packs able to purchase outside of game? We're stuck in a 1600 que so even if we want to buy it we cant because it takes soo long to get in and then sometimes we get randomly disconnected!
  7. So i waited over 4 hours for this que. Sat in a 1400 que and as soon as i got in I got disconnected. WHAT THE bleep!
  8. Yeah they've been unlocking accounts but idk how long the process takes. Im still waiting for my account to be unlocked
  9. What. The bleep. over 1400+ for the que tonight? how or what?! the hell is happening
  10. Yeah they did lock it but then they sent another email saying they would overturn the lock and move it to a "Final Warning" so i'm still waiting for them to unlock it. been over 24hrs @Hime @Juji
  11. @Hime Just out of curiosity for those who got the email for their accounts being unlocked. Do we know how long its going to take? I was told a few hours ago they'll unlock it. Just wondering if it was the maintenance that held the account being unlocked
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