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  1. I just wonder if cloaks will ever be given as rewards one day in future?
  2. Lara’s Eventful Day Off

    Thanks for the free event! Although not sure if the chance rates are rigged but still appreciated that some free event is given to the players.
  3. problems logging in?

    Stuck at launcher login...
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    You removed those items as listed but what do we do with our REP points? You need to inform us regarding the use of it so that we know whether to keep the REP points or fully use it until REP points become useless in the future. If there is new updates in the use of REP points, the information should be given out to us together with the notification of the deletion.
  5. Tokens

    Put more tokens in the game to use. For examples, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (for use in party, especially useful for massive pvp to see where our team mates are) and tokens to label enemies for main targets, healers, tanks etc.
  6. Instances

    Level 100 solo instance in Aden.
  7. I'm back and need some help

    Yeah. Sorry about the Ivory Tower Crater. I was wrong about that. I made a new character and tried it out so grinding in Blazing Swamp or Hellbound in a party for your first two exalted quests should get you to level 105 by the time. Abandoned Coal Mines is a must-do daily!
  8. But I think the main point of the test video also proves the myth that players are saying after maintenance, there is very high chances of enchant success and getting top rewards from event boxes. I guess not. Someone open just 5 boxes and get dragon weapon on a weekend night. I opened first 15 boxes bought from player shop and got akamanah retributer, after that I open 250 boxes and didn't get any great rewards at all, overall lost about 10b adena not counting profit from akamanah retributer.
  9. Oh...and I meant the 250b
  10. All I see is $$$ flying away ~^^~ That was painful to watch...
  11. Crystal of Protecion coupond...WTF?!

    For Talisman of Protection enchanting, all fails before stage 5 will reset to stage 1. After you get stage 5 you are safe, and any enchants above stage 5 will reset to stage 5 again until you get stage 10.
  12. best way to lvl to 105?

    Follow what the quest line request you to do plus daily 1 hour coal mines grind. I think you are on the right path.
  13. Start a new character. You get a lot of green stuffs and it takes less than a day to get to lv99
  14. Next step :)

    1) The +12 Bloody R99 Thrower with 15% p.skill crit damage augment will make a good difference. 2) Make Red Cat Eye Lv3 during jewels event when it comes. 3) Talisman - Longing with Talisman - Seven Signs will make a difference too if you have the adena. If you have the Longing already, try for Insanity maximum of 5 times (5b adena), anything over it I'll rather you buy the Talisman - Insanity for about 20 to 25b. *Pricing is based on Naia server.