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  1. Have same problem, logged in about 5 seconds instant disconnect.
  2. @Juji is there any ways we can exchange our angel accessories into a box so we can eventually collect the 100 boxes to upgrade the angel accessories? After exchanging for soooo many on this event (of cause didn't managed to get a +10 Fallen Angel Ring Box after so many tries), my character can't carry 100+angel accessories and blessed angel accessories.
  3. Opened the collection system page, browsed through all the items required for about 15 minutes, rolled over floor laughing non-stop for 1 hour plus, wiped my tears off and closed the collection system forever. Please someone csi and post the face of whoever thought of all those requirements for the collection system. Is he even playing the game himself or is he living in a imaginary world of his own?
  4. Well, some of us already lost at least 40b worth of adena when we upgraded our dragon shirt to dragon rind leather shirt on the previous night market event since they've now introduced this new crystal of dawn upgrade system which only requires maybe 1.5 to 2b worth of adena cost. So last sales event they made it easier for us to upgrade our dragon shirts because we can finally buy those dragon breath in game which cost very high for each stage of upgrade, then look what happened now. Just like what they did to circlets the last time, both gear and materials were not farmable and suddenly
  5. Yes. It meant the only way is to buy from NPC Grocer or you can pick them up from TOI drops too if I'm not wrong, just that they are not tradable to players or sold to NPC for adena anymore.
  6. Not bad! Took one week to translate that information. Nice job!
  7. No need to worry about that. I only spend less than 3 hours a day playing this game with my CP and friends. I have a quality real life time with my family and friends and my CP sure knows that haha!
  8. Looking forward to more new quality of life changes in the future of the game. Lots of bugs and server issues need to be fixed please. Bring in same updates/patches with what Korean server have. It's been looking good with events as now there is always one FREE event and one SALES event. Fair enough for all players but the chance rates of rewards certainly need improvements. You have nothing to lose when players gets upgrades and more great items for their characters. Happy customers happy pockets. One suggestion is also we usually lose 3 to 4 hours of gameplay during server maintenance, give
  9. I agree to extend at least 1 more week to compensate for the random disconnects. It's definitely not ISP problem if people's brains are smart enough to know how to check it and not shooting their mouths away just because they want to feel good about themselves. In other mmorpgs, they compensate for the loss of time during server maintenance as well which should be done here too since we paid for the time of prestige pack and destiny packs.
  10. What is wrong with server? Last week was my cp member keep on disconnect every few minutes. Now is my turn. You go by region to do disconnect?
  11. Ruby, Red Cat's Eye, Opal, Emerald, Tanzanite, Amethyst
  12. Good job for December's Christmas XP event although the previous XP event was the best ever in 16 years. One suggestion to your bad rates of loot boxes chances is to make a "PITY CAP" option after opening a certain number of boxes (e.g. 100 boxes) to guarantee a reward value at the market price of the boxes opened. You already can see players are willing to spend but you need to give them returns/value worth what they pay for in the game. Otherwise you are just making players disappointed with the bad reward drop rates. Happy holidays and a great new year ahead! Stay safe from Covid-
  13. Christmas Talisman (All Stat+1)Event item. All Stats +1 when equipped. Effect does not stack with additional Talismans of the same type. Is this item permanent or will be deleted after event?
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