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  1. Most of us gave up buying these low rates boxes already...
  2. Totally freaking agree. Just look at last event and current server economy in naia...not many people buying from l2 store and also items in servers are getting ridiculously expensive. Plus so many of my friends have quit or are quitting.
  3. It's always disappointment after disappointment. However, those who already spent so much on this game will never quit. It's just like when you are married, if you decide to leave your wife but the condition is that you have to give up all your assets to her and leave with nothing. Not many men can do it. Ncsoft is the wife now while you are the poor husband, if you don't spend on her, she's not giving you a good time, BUT in our case, even if we spend a lot of money on her, it still depends on her mood to give you a good time. And in most of the case, she's always baiting you to spend on her.
  4. I hope the Einhasad Store would come too but with a fair price similar to other regions but looking at how they price the shining gold bars, I doubt even if the store comes will help prices drop because they set prices blindly and over biased in according to the server which is already crazy prices for many items.
  5. While I was calculating the cost of making a La Vie En Rose's Brooch Lv. 5, Level 3 requires 440 gemstone powder Level 4 requires 50 gemstone powder Level 5 requires 100 gemstone powder Total 590 gemstone powder 1 gemstone powder requires 25 night market coin Total 590 x 25 = 14750 night market coins 200 night market coins cost 720 ncoins 14750 night market coins cost 53100 ncoins 53100 ncoins cost real life money US$663.75 Seriously NcWest, you can shaft that brooch up yours. Ridiculous pricing of your ingame items!
  6. What happened to the change full set r99 dark/bloody to opposite option for 2 bloody armor and 2 dark armor stones + adena? Ninja removed? @Hime @Juji
  7. For me the melee attack speed issue is gone after last migration but server latency increased so is still lagging during game play.
  8. Have same problem, logged in about 5 seconds instant disconnect.
  9. @Juji is there any ways we can exchange our angel accessories into a box so we can eventually collect the 100 boxes to upgrade the angel accessories? After exchanging for soooo many on this event (of cause didn't managed to get a +10 Fallen Angel Ring Box after so many tries), my character can't carry 100+angel accessories and blessed angel accessories.
  10. Opened the collection system page, browsed through all the items required for about 15 minutes, rolled over floor laughing non-stop for 1 hour plus, wiped my tears off and closed the collection system forever. Please someone csi and post the face of whoever thought of all those requirements for the collection system. Is he even playing the game himself or is he living in a imaginary world of his own?
  11. Well, some of us already lost at least 40b worth of adena when we upgraded our dragon shirt to dragon rind leather shirt on the previous night market event since they've now introduced this new crystal of dawn upgrade system which only requires maybe 1.5 to 2b worth of adena cost. So last sales event they made it easier for us to upgrade our dragon shirts because we can finally buy those dragon breath in game which cost very high for each stage of upgrade, then look what happened now. Just like what they did to circlets the last time, both gear and materials were not farmable and suddenly
  12. Thanks for the patch notes and hard work!
  13. Yes. It meant the only way is to buy from NPC Grocer or you can pick them up from TOI drops too if I'm not wrong, just that they are not tradable to players or sold to NPC for adena anymore.
  14. Not bad! Took one week to translate that information. Nice job!
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