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  1. Tevas open box Night Chest

    I was waiting for it! LOL!!!
  2. Top Gear Progression System

    Let all players have a chance to achieve dragon and boss weapons/armor set. 1) Now we have 35-man team to enter Antharas Instance which is made harder, but as a clan or server, players gather to try to fight it as a team! That is good! 2) However drops are only a few items and usually picked up by the CC leader and later he will sell and distribute the Adena among all those who participated. This is not a good system. 3) Make Antharas give reward boxes like Castilla's Labyrinth to every individual players that was in the 35-man team and boxes should include materials (E.g Dragon Claw, Dragon Weapon Fragment) for crafting the dragon weapon but these materials should be non-tradable! 3) After players gathered all the materials, they can craft a non-tradable dragon weapon. 4) You may think "Yeah, we need 50 claws and Antharas Instance is only twice a month!" but this system should be implemented for all dragons! We have Antharas, Lindvior, Valakas, Fafurion! What is Lineage 2 without players having the chance to even see or fight these dragons except for top clans? 5) Also I see YouTube, other servers (probably private) have other boss weapon/armor sets like Baium (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szdE8HAnMrs) Check out this guy's videos on what a full Lineage 2 actually have to offer in the game but we are not getting any of those despite contributing so much money a month. All in all, since the company wants to prevent RMT as well, make those items non-tradable so even top players who are controlling the market do not make use of the game to profit any real money from it and yet all players get a chance to achieve those items as long as they play with effort.

    I remember last time when a player becomes red, they can't even enter town because the npc guards kills them in 1 shot. Later on those npc guards were killed by the players...
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Thank you so much.
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Hi, can I ask when will the screenshot winners receive the virtual prizes?
  6. Here's mine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-na2VpqWJg And Maphr's boxes too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWF5ue_kJoU
  7. REQUIRED: rework on castle sieges

    1) They should increase the HP/Defense of the castle gates and crystals. 2) They should make damage dealt and damage taken more balanced in PvP. Being a 1 shot even with top +10 PvP armor set, +15 Ferios Cloak and other top stuffs is a joke. (Not me but that's what I see some of the players die with more than 1 million damage from a single skill by archer/feoh)
  8. Tyrr Titan Crit skill build

    I'm quite keen on this topic. Please do update more!
  9. R110 Gear Upgrade Cost

    Will we be getting the same patch for R110 gear upgrade as this? https://4r4m.com/en/r110-items-upgrade-en/
  10. Hi, does anyone knows if we can run two different game clients from NcSoft at the same time using the same account? For example, playing Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul at the same time?
  11. Maphr’s Box of Splendor Test 2000+

    Amazing! Congrats!
  12. Allies shouldn't be able to make damage against each other since sometimes they need to support or help out in attack or defense during sieges. Maybe work something out for this please.
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    @Juji Why are players living outside NA and Canada excluded from the screenshot competition? ALL players should have a fair equal chance of participating in such event seeing that they also buy ncoins supporting the game throughout all these years isn't it?
  14. Timed Hunting Zone Boost - IT Quest

    Yes, our current server xp and adena settings are very low. - Higher level mobs give SAME XP which don't make any sense. They should be giving more XP instead. - The 100% server base XP boost should be made as a default setting because the time and soulshots spent doesn't justify the current base server XP settings. - Imperial Tomb current quest reward is decent XP. It's worth the time and effort made by players. If you are saying it's already x2 and will be back to x1 after event, then it's another diappointment again. There are many people trying to get at least level 110 to do the new content and many level 110 need to level up to help others. - Please try playing one character from level 1 and experience what all new players are experiencing.