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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Yeah probably they fixed unintentionally. adena rate + expensive teleports its not a good combination.. eventually people will quit playing and servers wont have any queues at all.. plus halloween event ending its a good thing as well.
  2. Warlord or Dark Avenger

    Hello guys i'm debating myself between these two classes. Im looking to be good at pvp and also find party at level 50+ witch if these two it's more adequate to my needs. Thank you
  3. Y la adena pa cuando???? tu ti tu ki tu ti tu y la adena pa cuando?
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.10.2018

    Nice!!!!!! thanks @Hime
  5. MP Recovery speed.

    yeah i know but i didnt remember it was this slow. thanks for answer me
  6. MP Recovery speed.

    Hi guys i just want to make sure if the MP recovery speed is too slow or its normal? thank you