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  1. 16h waiting... AND NOTHING!! Is all of this to make money or incompetence ? 16 h waiting... i bought VIP for nothing ???? http://prntscr.com/l641xc
  2. Trying to log for 2 days and still nothing... 1600+ QUEUE...... WTF ? Can u ( STAFF ) do smth or not? http://prntscr.com/l640y5
  3. very nice this line to get in.... Impossible play like this! ( VIP 2 ) Losing more and more players cuz of that... http://prntscr.com/l5gkv9
  4. tell me what u make with 70k? nothing? yeah... nothing! on lvl 50 u will be with D grade armor and no grande weapon cuz we can't farm adena... and a sucks spoil/drop rate
  5. Lvl 23 = 43k adena Its very sucks... on 50nv mby we can mae a d weapon With 4 days on server... only 1 drop ( recipe semi-top weapon - D )... no more..
  6. Adena is very, VERY sucks... 15-60 adena eat mob... wtf? this its not normal... pls, fix adena/exp...
  7. Procuramos as classes do titulo, somos do clan weeD, atualmente com algumas cps. Requisitos: Discord Microfone Lvl 24+ CP Time: 12:00 às 17:00 e das 23:00 às 02:00 + PM SneaKs ou Poka ingame
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