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  1. this serevr like priv i told it in this topic or other...p2w , bots, afk boxes , and quqe....new ppl cant log in bcs on serevr r 4k BOXES .....who allow 3 boxes omg....only 1 box and afk timer 15min kick...its all u playing 2 box or main and offline shops thats all..its GLOBAL not priv
  2. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    ONLY OFFLINE SHOPS bro....only ppl go to spots with chest and afk 5 days...
  3. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    AFK PLAYERS should be kick after 15 min...its all
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    FIX RATE to x1 .....its all!!!!
  5. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    this server lok like priv...not classic...p2w , 3 boxes , quqe...no more than 2k players....bbcs ppl cant log ing..... 1-2k online 3k boxes and boots
  6. Adena is balanced

    bot more...but gl with IP ban HAHAHA nice for u bro but its fake ...QQ
  7. Ilogical rates: Aden!!!!!

    rate r 0.25 or 0.5 and its a problem same with xp from monsters....this serevr is full of bugs and p2w...that all - NCSOFT whats is wrong with u ??
  8. If this is true ..

  9. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    its true...1 box allow only
  10. If this is true ..

    BROOOOOOOO u want empty servers after month ??????????? u think ppl stay in this crapy and p2w server ??????? u ll be play with 100ppl ....whats is wrong with u....ncsoft fix it to 1x fore free players or they leave and serevrs ll quit in 1year thats all. u r rich kid ? or whats is wrong with u ....??
  11. NCsoft pls allow only 1 box , now its all time around 4 k online but in real its a 1-2k a 2k boxes its problem to queqe bcs 2konline 3k boxes....3 boxes its 2 much . change it and alllow only 1 box.
  12. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    Ncsoft Adena/drop/spoil/exp (rates) r totally broken...i droped yestreday 2x gladius !!!! it has a 1/5000 chance but dont drop items whos hav 1/100 1/20 chance.....same in spoil spoiling items 1/100 didint spoil items 1/20 adena its 3-4x less than normal from mobs. baroc orcs (26 adena) should be 36-90. Fix premium system...now its p2p 1 month and server ll empty. fix for freemium like tera / bs ....give freemium with 100% adena drop spoil ...not 300% and why u give blessed scrol omg...its totally p2w pack. fix it to normal pls.