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  1. 4 minutes ago, FatHips said:

    I'm hoping its raised to the point that a +50% VIP drop rate would make it 1x drop.  

    The math on that is uh...

    (0.25 * (1+(0.5 to 1.5)))*1.5

    .25 = the estimate of current rates

    1 = the base rate

    0.5 to 1.5 = the amplification by the patch

    1.5 = 50% bonus from VIP4


      % change of drop compared to 1x rate
      50% 56%
      100% 75%
      150% 94%

    So, assuming I got the calculation correct (and it could be different), the 150% amplification would put the rates at 94% of what we are "expecting".

    Seems pretty good to me.

    u kiding bro ? normal rate is x1  with vip u can max 1.25... if u r donater and like p2w go play other game pls.

  2. 57 minutes ago, ViciousL2 said:

    Hey, I don't mind queues as a F2P player.

    But it pissed me off when I got disconnected right after it's my turn.

    3 boxes right now it's too much. Servers can't handle that much.

    With 2 boxes, queues will be shorter and you don't get disconnected with shorter queues as you can see early in the morning. 

    1-1 MAX  ....now u can 2 boxes....

  3. 9 minutes ago, KarolWojtyla said:

    OK - we have problem with too many "peoples" in game - 

    Please NCSOFT - do a system which automaticaly kick afkers

    i don't understant a idea of dual-multi boxing, if it's classic server (when "hardcore meant something" - like you wrote in official site)

    isn't better for role playing, if 1 people can play 1 character - it's simple i naturally, so people who loves to support can play supports without have feeling, they are useless, because another people, just creating boxes with WC, SE, etc..

    if you can do all of this, we'll don't see any queues even afternoon, and connection, stability will be better.. ALL will be better.. Please make a vote for Dualbox, with explanation

    AND MINI - MOBS - like this in Ruins of Despair, and thousands boxes.. WHY ?

    nah  1+1   no 1+2 and its all.....2boxes is tooo much for official. and afk spots with chest....totaly bullshit

  4. hello we working on it....from 6 days ?....guys pls.  fix adena qest dark elf to 1k  fix rates to x1 and queue and all be fine...no more come on.  give limits for adena drop spoil for free playes its all and  pls  25$ per month for vip 4 ??? itz crazy price... wow and other game have montly  cost around 10-15$ here 25....no logic guys rly.