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  1. Hello guys I would like to add 2sa to my retribution r99, what type of SA I should add? p.atk and atack speed? I ask becasue I'm new and I'm learning and I prefer to ask first because adena its expensive =p Thanks
  2. Hello Im new at the game and i have enough money now to buy a weapon, like the tittle says im looking for a +12R99 Retribution.
  3. Do you lose the old crystal once you replace it?
  4. Ok ty guys, I'm gonna see if the market isn't saturaded with fortune coupons
  5. Hello guys I new to this game and I was going to invest 400$ on this fortune reading event, but a lot of ppl are telling me that since I'm new its better to just buy adena because my character needs weapon, cloth, jewel, I mean everything I'm lvl 99 and I still have the free gear when you reach 85.Do yo think I should wait for a better event? or just try to get adena with that money? thanks
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