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  1. So? Maybe he before selling bought all those materials for cheap and now sell for expensive, since in market is not enough materials regarding to bad spoil rates at 30++ where spoilers just suffer and simple try hit faster 44+lvl I have in my WH around 5k+ Animal Bones, 2k skins and 3k+ Iron ore, I don't sell because I will need everything for my C grade craft. But yes, market suffer not enough materials. Price jumps up.
  2. Well It's rates. That's another story, I talk about Amount of Spoiled when you hit it. Sure rates are f**** up here. But drop amounts/Items so far was correctly..
  3. Do you have DB where is rates supposed to be for this particular server? Because so far mine mentioned DB is closest with info what drops and spoils from particular monsters. If you have any info about DB which is for This serv. Just hit a link please.
  4. This topic is not about general drop/spoil rate problems. This is to show where is not spoil rewarded as it suppose to be. So far I am at 28lvl. Spoiling Partisan Hideway. Have noticed that my spoiled monster: Ol Mahum Raider do not give correct spoil as it showed here: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ol_Mahum_Raider Animal Bones drops per spoil 1-3p: should be 1-5 Iron Ore always only 1: should be 1-3 Please add your monitoring from spoil where is not correct spoil items/amounts.
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