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  1. Merging or transfer

    No worries with this merge they gona have 2 free servers to start Essence so we all go there forget about classic.
  2. Oh yes the servers are sooo dead. You can save them but you have to double the adena drop its easy.
  3. Event for l2 store and VIP only good old ncwest. Lets see how fast the servers will empty.
  4. vote my idea for an ideal macro usage

    Is a very good idea but the reuse time can be 5 or 10 mins .Now for people who say i dont have the time to play just dont play, in this game you need to spend time .If you dont have the time this dont gives you the right to take the spots 24/7 on farming ,so i who have the time cant find free spot to make my quest. NC soft have to decide what they want afk farmers 24/7 or real players.If the money is on afk farming np the others soon or later they quit.