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  1. Well there you go. I like to play party only when my friends are online. The rest of the time I'm solo no matter which char I play with.
  2. Thank you! Correct me if I'm wrong but once you get to D grade (and also the same would happen once you reach C grade) i guess that leveling would turn a lot harder than before that and you would need to buy with something all those potions and shots, right? Dwarfs won't be working for free and they won't be buying mats with air. How about the D grade armor? Sorry but I've seen quite a huge price on them now and they are not even top grade..
  3. All fixes are perfect and tested drops and adena, they are perfect now, but this thing with the bot farming/fishing etc.. too much bots. And those selling adena as well.
  4. You must be joking right? If they make it that way, then simply make the server private and not free to play. What's with the logic behind your deluded thoughts that this would actually work? You do realize that this would discourage players that don't pay to stop playing, right? Thus as the guy previously quoted you, the server will be left off only with the ones that pay for something and there will be no economy. I mean the game isn't only around the ones who pay. I could agree with limited support of the free servers against the paid ones but not this. I've kinda overwhelmed the
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