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  1. Just another crybaby...useless comment in my opinion. Google “doom knight l2 classic” before writing your own opinion here. Or try another classic server. They said in the beggining that there are locations without mobs which will be updated in future. Why would u need to cry about giant cave ?
  2. Hidden stat, hmm that is new. What more hidden stats are there?
  3. Bannable 100%. How do you even consider that this thrid party online script multi keyboard splitter afk farming tool is not bannable?
  4. So 5 times more bonus Xp and 5 times bonus chance for drops of Vip 4 compared top Vip1 is not enough? What kind of L2 are your expecting here? Like killing few mobs and lvl up with VIP4? If you dont like the current bonuses - DON’t pay, play without them. You will see that it is worth it. Bad post on my opinion, deletion required.
  5. Question answered, deal with it
  6. It’s intended, most of the palyers know that. No one of dev will spend their time anwering such questions.
  7. Dots are good, but most dmg will do archer, no matter what.
  8. I would like to participate but its in the middle of the day :d. Most of us is working. Better do it tomorrow at 12a.m instead
  9. 29lvl Palus knight with ~400patk and ~700pdef :D? Does it look unreal only for me? Even with xbow and full brig +10 u wont have such stats :>
  10. ‘’Hundreds of dmg difference’’ rly :D? go and hit npc, u will see that the difference is ~8dmg. Put set on, put it off, same crit, same differences. Go hit a mob, e.g turec orc perect, u ll see that the difference is from 500 to 520 between your crits, no matter set on or off. Hundreds of dmg difference :d? There is noticible difference when u hit a mob from behind. There is noticeble difference if I turn on the Vacious stance, which also has fixed dmg, not %. But there is no noticeble difference if I hit with or without set. I think it would be easy to notice +15 dmg increase
  11. U tested it or just stating it randomly? I hit 50 crits with set and without set. There is NO CHANGE in dmg at all, even a small.
  12. Hi, according to Manticore Set description, it should give P.Critical dmg +15. Wearing the set the effect appears in the passive skill section and its written +15% P.Critical dmg. However, neither +15 or +15% is actually applied when hitting with a bow (tested on PvE and PVP). Not sure if it works with other weapons, but for bows this effect does not work at all, and I think it should be investigated and fixed.
  13. Good answer. Stop looking at l2wiki, or atleast dont expect to get the same drops/soils as its written there.
  14. All these constant changes are dragging this server down. Feels like we are already playing x10 not x1 here. There were two major problems from the beginning, which are QUEUE time and PK cleaning. All the rest is fine and balanced, so leave it as it is and focus on the real problems.
  15. So in first day of this event multiple players are selling best best d gr weopons meaning that it came from the event box. (Giran server) Whats gonna be after 20 days of such event ;d? Everyone with best d and multiple kk in inventory...hmmm
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