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  1. Beast SS crafted by summoners tradable? i mean summoners can sell beast SS?
  2. He and me and ALL , we like the game , we dont like management!!!
  3. Yaksa crafter?

    LOL still noone?
  4. Where i can farm solo melee profitable ? I dont care how hard are mobs , just want profitable farm and not many bots or players ks me! Place where i dont need run run run or to be more fast because bot or other players will be ahead of me. I know every place but this version is crazy so i ask u all. Thank you!
  5. More bots than players

    for class quest i need to kill Breka Orc Prefect. There are 4,5 of them and 7,8 bots summoners farm them!!!
  6. Yaksa crafter?

    Is there a crafter for Yaksa nickname pls?
  7. Beast SS Elemental Summoner

    37a shot = 74 adena per hit GL
  8. Lineage 2 and Rates

    Everyone just need ADENA FOR SOULSHOTS!!! Are u understand this!!! Not for gear! Not for enchant just for stupid soulshots!!!!
  9. Talking Island or Giran?

    who care bots dont speak maybe TI
  10. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    already begun 1/3 or 1/4 are bots.
  11. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    NCsoft pls sell Lineage 2 Classic to other company!!! We want to play really!
  12. Oh-h i dont want exp boost , only adena! Its possible do be disable exp boost?
  13. This is high rate, stop QQing

    you mean start selling adena and gear or is too early for u ?
  14. SWS or EE or TK?