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  1. I already leave this comedy , but longing just to vote this post!
  2. I want +6 bonus for set but idk how much parts from the set need to be enchanted? Sets have bonus for 2 parts , 3 parts and + shield 4 parts. So how much parts +6 i need for +6 bonus!
  3. Are there two types of monster? Or only one , and if what type?
  4. i played to much this game to know very well that something is wrong!!!
  5. 1. We need something about bots! (they are to many to many) 2.We need something about enchanting glitch ( every1 run with +10 and more weapons this is big problem)
  6. Beast SS crafted by summoners tradable? i mean summoners can sell beast SS?
  7. He and me and ALL , we like the game , we dont like management!!!
  8. Where i can farm solo melee profitable ? I dont care how hard are mobs , just want profitable farm and not many bots or players ks me! Place where i dont need run run run or to be more fast because bot or other players will be ahead of me. I know every place but this version is crazy so i ask u all. Thank you!
  9. for class quest i need to kill Breka Orc Prefect. There are 4,5 of them and 7,8 bots summoners farm them!!!
  10. InTheGame

    Yaksa crafter?

    Is there a crafter for Yaksa nickname pls?
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