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  1. Please Balance Summoners (elf ) in Olympiad no reuse , damage unreal
  2. I don't care or they add or no but if they add they need stop scam people on rates if it say high it should be high . not fking low or etc. What they can fix is just zones for bots . to farm more adena
  3. Its classic zerg always win,not pay. But reason is why you need to lie about %% rates. No info about it at all,+ it say high chance but in real it fking low.. not talking about exp sp spoil rates where is 0.XX not even 1%
  4. Just want to ask NC soft give us answers to us. Give us enchant rate to make ++ on pendant and pendant level up rate (high rate for NC soft is ? 10% 20% 30% ) when you try make from 2x level 1 runes to one level 2 , it say high chance to get level 1 back or high chance to success to level 2.. from 20 times to make it success only 5 or 4 don't want to lie . So how its possible when it say high for both so its 50 /50 ... same bleeping +++ pendant record burn 9 pendant on level 1 in the row and 4x burn with shiny on level 1 .. so Please let us know your chance to ++ pendant or level up them
  5. Stop cry about bots ncsoft never ban them, buy legal Bot pay monthly for it, and you can bot here for ever... simple ,use shit bot u get ban straight away.legal is legal bot Black market everywhere
  6. We need anti bot system ,like some servers have , where after few hours of playing you need to enter random code in game to prof that you are real / not auto bot. Because now bots every where ,around giran bots spoiling ewds 24/7 ,in EG 2 floor 10x more bots then normal players and all other zones... You just destroy your server community. You just need to spend 1h every week to log in game to kick all bots nothing more... Game for players Not For BOTS!!! P.S I can work for you 5k to me for every bot i ban
  7. weaselq

    EE Main

    if u main ee take SPH if u want due box if u go 3x take EE+SPH+PP so u can Go AOE alone mass poison +mass skill good for start to make easy adena
  8. weaselq

    Elven Oracle

    faster way to u mate make a mage and go due ,so u make your adena for better gear + u can farm non stop go on dark wizard ,so u can aoe alone mass poison /mass hit gl
  9. People you are stupid or wtf if you think they will fix what we need adena/drop/spoil etc .. ? They fix all shit to make more money ...not for better gaming for us .. they focus in $$$ to make more and more every day.. look at all this updates ..they make people angry because we not even need them... but they need ...to add some shit on ncoint shop etc
  10. No point to fix it ,Pay to play :D,if 20+ mobs drop same adena as 50+ or some times more ..If they fix adena rate People just stop pay to them, so no point to fix it :)need adena make low lvl mage and farm
  11. with this adena rate maybe com why ? After its hard to cover your SS ,what you spend on lvl/exping so u still will play whit out shots so :)com have more dmg + archers to op on start because u cant farm non stop with lvl 2 buffs ,like on mages u spend more then 10 mins siting and wait for mana
  12. Same was for me i got ban on saturday for 3 days and after they just unban me happy for this but they never explain to me why i got this ban .. i was so angry because 3 days stay on ban just for nothing ..plus on server first week.. plus when they unban me they never contact me ,to let me know that your account ready to play
  13. Thx for your hard work. Just want to ask if there any chance to use bot report in towns ? So we can report all them bots who try to sell all shit to us for $$.
  14. omg they tell us onother 30 mins so just wait and dont cry check forum before u post
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