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  1. I'm sure is bad practice to use /forceskilluse in macro - it's like playing with CTRL. You can easily PK ppl around you.
  2. Hello @Hime @Juji This is Not fixed. Mentor lv 107 + another char 105 + mentee lv 94 + . The 3 chars are on 3 different places on the map. The moment the lower level char was invited in party, the mana of the other 2 chars stop regenerating.
  3. Test on NPC if actually inflict any damage. The most important use is the buff that cast on you when you use this skill.
  4. I don't know what to tell you honestly. If you think this is normal, ok it's up to you. That's why the game is almost dead and servers are full of afk macro ppl.
  5. Because I have personal life and I don't want to serve to some virtual pixels game every single day. And I had few years break from time to time. Normal working ppl play 2-3 hours after work. And level up to 107 is not such a big deal. After that is really slow. And the biggest reason is the lack of appropriate farm zones and quests and content overall. I started to play probably 7 years ago with and without CP and NEVER had adena issues. I even used to pay for prestige pack just because of the skill cooldown rune. But back then the game was interesting and there was a level cap and peop
  6. So yeah, let's delete all our useless single target chars because first- we can't make adena anywhere like that not even close to what a strong aoe dd can do and second to level up to 110 will get us near half year! Unless you don't play 24/7 .. maybe can take the half time like that. Solo on 107 for 1 hour I did yesterday 7kk. Yeah at least I can cover my ss but the boost? It's ridiculous to play anymore. I know archers for example can make ridiculous amount of adena in PI - what I get there as solo player- the best so far with drop rune - 1 circlet scroll and 1 bracelet one.
  7. There are a lot of ways to boost your P.Atk in the game plus you have more items in the game that give STR than DEX(the free bracelet from exalted quest for example). I personally use 1 STR and 2 DEX Dyes. I'm not PRO archer by any means, my main is an othell but there are a lot of tutorials and videos and tests done to prove that DEX is a must for the archer. But I will say this from my personal observations - I had a CP member that used to play archer and had all the right items and SAs but Not enough DEX (it was less than 75) - he was never able to do half kill or probably extremely rare. O
  8. I'm sorry but what you just said is nonsense. It's like because I don't have money for dragon jewels I won't put any. Try to play with 80+ DEX and you will see the difference. Not a chance to reach that number without dyes. For starter cheap dyes that give +4 +5 will do the job.
  9. +10 is very expensive to make but it will give you 6 slots and 10% P. Atk.. STR on the other hand gives you both p.atk(not sure how much %) and crit dmg that is added to your blow type skills.
  10. Well it doesn't look like crying in the forum, more like bragging that pve clan can handle a war that they don't want to start but they have to because of some kid from Nefilim:) Doesn't matter the whole story in this case. As I told you the solution is simple to avoid such problems. The players from your clan seems are not happy to have a nonsense war. Better take care of the problem now before ppl start leaving the clan. Believe me I've seen this happen before..
  11. Or you need someone with that equipment to power level you for no time. But the price.. I can't even imagine
  12. Well if you can't handle loosing then why declare on the first place? The CL should adjust the members rights so that only him can declare war and 2-3 more trustful ppl, or just kick the brainless dude from his clan. It's that simple;)
  13. All the server basically. I thought Cl0ud is just a kid without a personal life but it's even worse - middle age brainless idiot with no personal life. A lot of old players know him - I heard nothing good for him. Box clan with a ton of PK chars.
  14. Yes, I read this somewhere and this post is kindly reminder
  15. Hello @Juji @Hime . Could you please provide an exchange option in the game to change the BSSR to SSR and vice versa because currently this is 90% of the letters rewards and 89% we get the opposite of what the current char needs. For example feoh gets enormous amount of SSR and fighter class- BSSR. Or at least make it possible to sell in shop or exchange it in trade or by mail. Thank you.
  16. "Don't talk shit" - excuse me? Did you just attempt to repeat with other words what I've just said 1 post above or I didn't made myself clear enough? And I'm not talking about IP ban at all.
  17. Me and my husband play together l2 from 2 different laptops. I know a lot if ppl who play with their whole family. It's not possible NCSOFT to make ip limitation because this is absolutely valid scenario of playing the game by the rules . On the other hand with Virtual machines you are talking about multi boxing, a.k.a BOTING. This is against EULA no matter NCSOFT made the automatic macro possible in the game. The 3 boxes per PC is enough gift combined with the looping macro. It's simple as that.
  18. I can agree with that if the solo player and you play with manner on.
  19. As I mentioned in some of these posts that are too long to read, if you don't have skill crit rate on your weapon, try to reach 78-80dex and everything else on STR and focus your weapon SA on skill crit dmg and crit dmg . Accuracy in ability tree is a must for HK as well.
  20. Hey, nice video. But I have a question. As far as I know dread do a lot more damage in general on normal hits. Did you test the AP focused on normal damage critical and if not could you test? I'm interested if you are going to kill mobs faster. But try harder mobs. These looks too easy for your equipment:))
  21. Juji explained already that for NCWEST exclusive we are rewarded with the half of the xp reward and this is final decision.
  22. All I get from this box is 3kk. "Korean random"
  23. You're welcome:) Now go xp till 102 in bloody swampland on aoe and do coal mines - you will be 105 in 2-3 days if you have vitality and use xp boost in mines. And don't forget to do Castilla solo and use boost at the end for the boss. GL!
  24. What the actual....? This guy answered you exactly NOTHING. I'm dark elf dagger on main and changed my dual to fortune seeker and I was able to choose to any type othell (except dark elf). The problem is that you probably deleted accidentally your tyrr cloak and what they have to do is to restore it so you can actually see what class is available for your dual and start it from 85lv. @Juji Please little help because the support is a joke.
  25. Yep, I saw the debuff and made me wander...
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