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  1. MP regeneration in Hunting zones

    Nothing new I think. I notice this usually few times per day for couple of hours then go back to normal. Most of the time as othell I'm full mana but sometimes struggle a lot to the point is fully drained. @Juji please look into this issue why is happening..
  2. What is the best race for Othel

    I can confirm that you don't really need more than 80 DeX on dagger. Below 80 is bad, the half kills are significantly less. Currently I play 141 STR and 81 DEX. If I switch my bracelet I have 137 str and 85 dex and I don't see difference in killing the mobs faster.
  3. Advice for Yul GS

    I think no.. when you give back your quest you have 3 options and probably in the past you chose the mage one. Make another archer (because level up fast) and take the quest with it. Do the quest and buy 6 or 7 (I don't remember how many) circlet enchant scrolls to buy noble stone - make it noble with them and it will be tradable.
  4. Advice for Yul GS

    My main is othell and it makes sense to make my dual archer. The limitation for you is the armor because you are feoh. You need to finish your first and second exalted because you'll get exalted weapon and armor and the stone for improving exalted weapon plus dragon shirts, level 3 jewels etc.. I guess you know that you will get probably retributer from the quest but you can exchange it for bow. Also do the quest for the circlet +5. If you can farm exalted 1 and 2 in bloody swampland - it's super because you can literally rot there on aoe skills and mobs are easy. Also the spellbooks you should learn on main but once learned they apply for dual as well. Same applies to dual certifications skills.
  5. Advice for Yul GS

    Find party for mines. I don't know what items you have but with exalted improved bow I can make easy 18 -19 trillion xp alone there with 550% xp boost for 1 hour. But yes, I stayed in bloodyswamp until 101-102.
  6. More of an exploit

    Then this clearly is achieved by using special software;)
  7. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    Hey, if you play spoiler don't change. I used to play Othell GH on main and tried spoiler on dual - pretty nice dmg. The only drawback for me were the missing self buffs that GH has. One of them I have it enchanted on recharge so mana will never end;) But this was just a test for me. Overall I remember that in GC my main 104 was dealing not so much more dmg comparing the spoiler (on dual) and the spoiler was 2 lvs below my main.
  8. PK Abuse

    @Hime @Juji This should really be punishable! It's not cool at all to be killed without even worning or any communication just to take your spot. This is constant harrassment from high level players base. The game is totally unbalanced. Change to destroy items on death with pk > 5 to stop the abuse! And do it ASAP. A lot of ppl left the game because of this. A new wave will follow soon. At the end only bots will play.. You won't get any profit from them..
  9. PK Abuse

  10. PK Abuse

    I like it when the losers were dropping their precious gear or breaking it. Now - the fact that is NOT punishable at all is ridiculous.
  11. PK Abuse

    Random party in primeval can't stay more than 1 hour so.. not relevant for this case. Yes, afk marcoing is not even allowed according to NCSOFT so I'm not talking about that pk at all.
  12. PK Abuse

    Well.. according to @Hime post it is. PI is limited adena farm zone. ⚠️ Report Harassment By Hime, October 4, 2019 in General Live Discussion
  13. PK Abuse

    I'm talking about in general. Yesterday - it was Primeval - I logged very late at night(after midnight) specifically to get a free spot - I saw one - totally empty - no ppl around at all, just started and one guy came from nowhere without warning or saying anything - one shot me. Few days back - again in Primeval - my whole party was killed for the spot. Zones for leveling alts - like BS(before the update) - pked with manner on. Tanyor - same shit. It' s just insane to me how this is not punishable anymore. Then.. what will stop me to go and pk around the whole server if some d*** bleep me off again? Is this called Harassment? ( I saw one post about that from Hime ) But as far as I know even open a ticket won't solve the problem. The only solution is - destroy item on death. As far as I heard they bring this back on classic.
  14. Exactly. That's why I think that they should apply pernanent 100% boost on the base xp from mob. The NCSOFT rates are the lowest in comparison to the rest counties.
  15. Hey

    No seriously they introduced this legal macro botting while crypto mining was on its high, plus a lot of software exists that do the exact same thing so.. nothing will surprise me:)
  16. Hey

    I'm sure they are mining crypto and use all of us for redistribution of power and resources
  17. Cloack enchant

    Never, ever try to enchant only 1 item. If you want cloak +7 -easy - just do it in parallel 2 cloaks . I did my with 75 luck last year. Spend no more than 20-25 scrolls. Plus..didn't do it at the same day. Some days the luck is really bad in the game.
  18. @HimeThis xp rate SUCKS! On 105 before the maintenance with boosts and vitality I got 13b per mob in Tanor , now max is 4b... Low level ppl start loosing interest from the game when there's no more level limit and leveling up is sooo slow. You should consider permanent xp boost at least to lv 110..
  19. Whos better?

    Switch to amaranthine - now the price for SA on R85/95/99 weapon is the same. Kelbim weapons cannot be enchanted and this is a minus because of you have Ruby lv3 and more this will add a lot ss damage to your hits. I remember that I sold my +7 blessed apo bow and bought kelbim bow - my worst decision ever.
  20. Yep. My dagger often bugs like that and when this happen I do 1 or 2 hits and stop, then another 1 hit 4-5 seconds later with the looping macro.
  21. Adena from Prestige Rune

    Yep Foxes is right. If you play with your iss in pt that doesn't have drop rune- your two ppl party drop rate is reduced to 150% and so on..
  22. OLD BUG that NCSOFT refuse to fix..

    27.08.2019.. 4 days left.. tick tack.. If NCSOFT don't fix this ridiculous situation another company can propose better entertainment.
  24. Best way to make adena on your lv is K95 party but try to do it solo with your box iss. Also try your luck on Baylor and Balok. There is no drop and spoil in this game so I won't suggest you to rot farming except you want to just level up. Then try to make a profit from the market or AH but you need adena to make adena..
  25. I can't stop asking myself how can you have 2 chars above lv 100 left naked with no adena whatsoever.The question is just rhetorical... And yes. The only possible way to make adena on your level with your current situation is l2store.