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  1. @Hime are the rudolph agathon boxs staying? because i only see that the talismans and everything else et deleted also why cant we transfer the santa suite or hat between chars on the same account at least
  2. yeah about about you guy restore my damn weapons then that i lost? or again do you guys just like to discriminate to players? its funny i heard the over enchant rate was somewhere around 80% on here apparently posted by hime and i broke 10 weapons + trying to make 1 weapon +4 we want fairness and youve given players again an ACE card while others got screwed over how will you correct this?
  3. ev and all those areas are still 100% nerfed adena/drops you trashy nub the rates 40+ average 100-200 adena ev is 4x hp mobs = 400-800 average range even though they are ment to give upto 1.8k a kill worthless people all over these forums
  4. there has been a ton of legit players no botting no adena buying no bs cheating yet they are the ones getting banned for playing hard BullShift of Aden played hardcore with his clan and friends @Hime @Juji stop your bs dirty out of control bans on only the legit players and start banning the actual bots you are banning peoples lvl1 alts sitting with buy/sell shops peoples buffers and randomly any legit hardcore pve'r wtf is your deal? ncsoft should be taken to court they are abusing authority with na players and over stepping themself
  5. dont mind mixa he bots/plays 24/7 and doesnt care about the servers health/balance the adena/drop rates are 50% or less atm until its fixed most mobs dont even cover SS for nukers 1hitting mobs 40+ lmao
  6. the perfect example is aden went from having a light que for abit and giran server/ti being screwd to giran now usually medium and aden back down to light meanwhile ive even noticed large drops of activity already and personally at a toss up to force a refund from ncsoft let the a holes ban my accounts ive had for a very long time and completely give up l2 or hope these tools fix adena/drop rates/spoils
  7. personally i dont think the exp thing is a problem more grindy/promoting exp runes/vip etc to people with less time the real issue is them screwing our drops/adena up by over 50%
  8. lol's a exp boost is nothing theres no drop boost or anything just minor exp boost who cares? most f2p players are 24/7 no lifes no jobs where as people who pay usually work a decent amount and use exp advantage to even out so cry a river i got a cool hat and even playing field
  9. p2w = vip? your a complete and utter nub thats what it looks like as an average supporter actually contributing to the l2 servers while p2w players have already purchased over 1k usd in adena to instantly at lvl 20-40 have all top gear / oe weapons scrub
  10. im ranging pissed and would call their phone lines if they had any until the cops arrest me i got 3 accounts vip4 and as a canadian thats over 40% more but level 40 mobs are so nerfed and screwd up its causing this high demand for bots and sure as hell i bet ncsoft is behind all these (russian bots) the chinese bots in past that controlled the servers made millions a year they were like mafia on l2 until ncsoft put out an asian ip ban including all the friendly regular chinese/korean players who were affected at random suddenly theres a out of control again bots? and they cant in anyway ban/st
  11. i had 4 chars daily for event and only got 2ewd then /soes/candy others i know had 2 chars during event some got 3-4 top d weapons nothing like an unfair event based on gambling vs farming for ex amount of a item and trading it in all having equal opportunity to farm and get same rewards as needed
  12. i seriously believe ncsoft is behind 50% of these bots why else cant they be banned or controlled/prevented? why screw with adena rates so bad that even if a nuker crafted his own blessed spirit shot c grade and could 1hit a mob that mob still gives less in adena then the 1ss was worth ncsoft is dirty and everything they do is to screw us and miss lead us and i for one hope they get sued hard and taken to court theres way to much dirty crap going on from their end
  13. seriously do you guys plan to actually fix or do anything or do the gm's on here just prefer wasting everyones time seeing how pissed you can make all of us? the free teleports dont make up for the less then 50% drop/adena rates and all these bugs/bots and nonsense on game why did you even run a classic server without testing? why not hire someone capable of doing the job? this is getting old either close the servers refund everyone tell everyone your sorry for not being capable to run a server like eu/asia has or get a proper server going so we can actually enjoy the game like we all invested
  14. @Hime THAT is not what people paid you for or signed up for WE expected a balance game that we follow of russian/korean servers and that is the expected rates otherwise close the servers down give a 100% refund to everyones accounts and make some bs SLOW rate classic servers when 1000s of people come on here a small junk of retired losers want to spend 10years to grind a level or not use ss walk all over the game like a stroll on memory lane no majority of us look at the other servers and come ready to play that style and not be thrown around or falsely advertised f2p is only because you guys
  15. some areas in game work = everythings ok? haha your a fool
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