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  1. sooo, how much exp we need now for 54-55 lvl?
  2. BD+PP duo

    WC is better for BD because of vampiric, imho.
  3. Okay, there has to be a way...

    you know, there is settings button in game.
  4. Lvl 55 bug?

    you clearly can't read:D
  5. gosh, all those QQing kids. @Hime guys plz make Classic 1.0 adena drop, so all those QQing kids will quit the game and all normal players will be able to enjoy game without this cancer
  6. Proof of blood info please

    lmao, it is 3th floor. go study some info about game.
  7. Level 40+ Adena Issue - My experience

    I see, you rly have a "high" game experience what else to expect from Rice player. In 1.0 classic everyone farmed without SS and there was no problem there is such thing as party. and ye, I rofled from you phrase about D bows. You rly didn't tried it 40-50% adena is left from any mob as income after buying ss and arrows. (in "fixed" locations, and yes, they all farmable solo)
  8. Level 40+ Adena Issue - My experience

    same rates? lol. We have F2P model, not P2P, this is why we wont have same rates. and about topic, just farm without SSC or use D bow. Even SLB is enough for EV. But overall I agree that adena drop should be adjusted properly: higher lvl/hp factor mobs = more adena, NCSoft should or reduce adena in 25-35 locations (OB, FT, AN), or increase it in all other locations (and ofc not only in locations made for parties, but also for solo players).
  9. Manticore Set Effect bug

    sure, 50 crits are enough for test when we have hundreds dmg difference on every crit
  10. Manticore Set Effect bug

    nah, it's adds just +15. works in same way as our crit dmg passive/aura.
  11. well, now Cruma will became literally ant nest, just instead of ants it will be tons of players @Juji and @Hime, why don't fix at least several 40+ solo areas? And why no DV fix?
  12. Quest items with AOE skill

    well, if this happens 100 times in a row then it might be a bug) but ye, TS provided not enough info.
  13. Which D-Grade Weapons should I buy?

    ^this guy simply can't shut up
  14. Which D-Grade Weapons should I buy?

    nice fail. 0 knowledge of bow mechanic detected.
  15. Which D-Grade Weapons should I buy?

    then simply ignore my posts and keep living in your dream world