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  1. Its a joke, before work I turned on l2, I came back from work and Im still in queqe hahaha open new server and merge it in future with giran..
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,Are you kidding now? someone without VIP cannot log in to the game? you make system where you must buy Vip or you cant join the server...
  3. This sh*t banning ppl randomly. for mouse software, for your antivirus, for any program which he will think he is suspect, hope photos with my gf will not be suspect...
  4. Go to giran, NPC called beggins near luxury
  5. to give you a chance laughing with me.
  6. HAHAHAHA Check baggins in giran its not a photoshop
  7. The battle has won xD? check what they added to L2Store NPC Beginns in giran.
  9. NPC Beginns in Giran, they add something new to l2 store
  10. They just want to more money https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259 You do not have to check anything, people did it for you...
  11. I waiting 3 days for response from appeal/support (send 2 mails to both) and no one response me, anyone works here or they just take money and go away :P? tommorow my 7day set from daily will disappear ;/
  12. Whats you need to review xD? you have over 3000 employes around the world, and you need next week to check that 10k adena after 20 lvl is not a much xD? where ppl with +35 running with novice weapons xD? stop buying time to make more money.
  13. And this said guy with over 10k NCcoins on account
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