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  1. They've done it again. Have the same issue with login.
  2. Zilian

    No VIP ??

    Yeah... I mean everyone blames russians for been greedy. But as far as I know, there you buy a subscription once per account and then you can play on any russian server. Here, ... damn I am not even sure now that these queues are not NCSoft-made to make ppl buy VIPs. I mean, I would not say that there are so many people on the server. Would be interesting to know what is the current server players limit.
  3. Zilian

    No VIP ??

    Hello, I've made a VIP on Giran Server for the main character before all this bullshit started with the queue. Now, since I can not load my box buffer anymore I decided to play on Aden server. However, the my main account doesn't have VIP there. Seriously, NCSoft wants us to pay VIP again on each server ?
  4. Hi all, I am experiencing a problem with the right mouse button click (the button which you use for camera movement). After I move the camera and release the mouse button - the game still consider it as pressed and camera moves on its own. My OS is Windows 10, hardware: HP Omen laptop + Logitech mouse M560 and M330 (same issue with both of them). The problem happens only in Lineage 2, any other games - 0 problems. Did anyone have this problem, any hints? Thanks!
  5. Hello, After waiting in the Q for login, at a nearly end I am getting this error and disconnect. HELP! Thx
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