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  1. Best way to play game

    Ive made that like 40-50 days ago
  2. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    PPL donesnt understand this. For this Nowadays Players is normal and pretty enough only to grind. They dont know to think, how to multiply the adena. We had C weapons fist before even the first fixes of the drops. Let me gives you some advices. 1. Only our main DD was using Shots and Haste pots. Others we was farming without shots and pots, only gathering adena to b uy weapon on our DD, so he had top D gun at 28 lvl. Then with TOP D he start farming x 200-300 k per day. After we bought him a gun , we was tottaly broke. So we decide to craft the Second weapon, instead of buying. So 2 days later after we bought TOP D gun, we had the second already Crafted. After got 2 TOP D Gun farmers, everything became easy. But most than everything you should THINK THINK THINK AND THINK. There is milion of ways of doin adena. For example i was crafting low C boots with craft price below 80 k, they was giving 50 Cx which was around 180 k adena market price. 1 week of doing this and we bough C Fists to our DD. And all this without QQing about drop rates and etc. The half spots mobs was bugged and still was giving 75 xp. But nobody complains. Except the ppl who cant handle the struggle.
  3. Thats korean classic, not EU. Stop complaining.

    I played the game, i made for 3 weeks progress, that mb you didnt still reach. Our DD was with TOP C shop fists at 41 lvl and C set at 44 lvl. So im able to comment. The reason i stopped here wasnt anything about the server. I just quit because dont want to spend another 2 years of leveling Main + supports + crafter + spoiler and etc. For a 20 days here we made 50 lvl Tyrant, 48 lvl SE, 44 lvl Spoiler, 40 lvl BD and 40 lvl PP.
  4. Thats korean classic, not EU. Stop complaining.

    Aden (KR Classic F2P)   6978 players - New Aden (KR Classic F2P)   2625 players
  5. Thats korean classic, not EU. Stop complaining.

    They got free 2 play server. I was tried it 4 years ago.
  6. Hi guys. First of all i want to tell you that im not playing anymore here. Just coming to see the adena/drop rates drama. Already 45 days passsed, and you still "crying" , "complaining" about the rates. I want to share with you some info bout this CLASSIC. 1. This server should be hard. The rason to be so hard, is that there is VIPs, everymonth you get with $$ 50 % xp rune + scrools + potions and etc. - if they make the rates you want + those webshop stuffs. Then you dont play classic, you play somenthing else. 2. The reason this server is so hard and slow, its not because, its broken its because its free 2 play so they need force you to buy things from the shop. ( Nobody spend his time for free , the GM staff probably have families to feed. 3. 45 days since the start and you stilll comparing "Pay 2 play" EUROPEAN version ( maded especially for low populated EU server ) versus " Free 2 Play" ( Korean version ) 4. From this you non stop spammin at forums, you forcing admins to fack up the server, only and only to keep it high populated. So basicaly now after changes ppl must make non stop 1-40 lvl chars for making adena. 5. The main goal of classic is to play with party, constant party, where 9 ppl gather adena and gear for 1 guy, untill you gear him up and then start gear the second guy, the third, 4th etc. 6. I dont know whats the reason you complaining about the adena, when the adena is same for the whole server , its not only low adena for you. 7. Many cries about the GK prices. So if the GK is expensive to you, go by foot to the desired location. The point of this server is to be hard. I dont get the point, you go on mega hard server, and complaining that its too hard Its should be like this. in EU and RU they advertise classic like a " REAL HARDCORE" server. PPl already playing the EU and RU version 3-4 years, and still keep farming. What you want, reaching end game in 1 month ? The point of CLASSIC is the HARDCORE, where you craft MID NG , TOP NG , MID D , TOP D , MID C , TOP C , B , A etc. NOT LIKE THE GOD you used to play where you passs the 2/3 from the game content with Karmian and homukulus till 85 lvl. So if you want play classic think again, why you play here. Because you desire hardcore l2, or because you just want play huge population servr and just crying about rates. And one last thing. Please if you keep giving advice on the GM staff. First go play Korean Classic, and then said how its suposed to be
  7. Botters everywhere

    Ok guys. I'm posting this here, because this "report button" is the most fake thing, invented in 21st century . Last 2-3 days ive met alot of botters, ive reported them, kill them, waiting 30 min to report them again and nothing happens, they still stays there dead or farming and nobody bodder them. So thats why ill ost this here with picture and stuffs, you can login and check them by yourself ( THE GMs). I cant put picture here. 1. option wants LINK 2. say i dont have attached picture, and there is no button "Attach" If you want help. Login in game , port to AmIPRO( thats me ). Bots are next to me, ill show you.
  8. Rate Drop is very low

    if you dont get TOP NG wpn in 3 hours here. Better go try interlude x100. There for sure you will have success with the drops. ppl makes Dark Elv Village quests for all day long to be able to buy any wpn. Our friend thinks will outsmart them with 3 hours farm
  9. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    NAH , this is not the problem. on RU server you got 3000 + queue. But you dont get 12 times "Game client will close ". you just wait the queue and login, thats all.
  10. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    THEY CAN FIX IT , but they dont want. Because you will not PAY VIP, if you login without problems. I mean this error is so "fake". If it was error should be on everybody. But no, its only for non VIPs.
  11. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    After the "fix"i keep getting this error. The problem is that the VIPs they pay only to not wait the QUEUE. BUt they dont get also this error. So i think its not really error. 2018 year, 20 years after lineage created. Still cant fix login.....
  12. "Client must close"

    let me guess, you dont have VIP right ?
  13. "Client must close"

    This is total joke guys. You are forcing us buying VIP 2 or we cant join. I'm trying to join 15 times a day per acc , waiting 500-700 queue and getting 15 itmes "GAME CLIENT MUST CLOSE" . The strange thing here is, if you got VIP , you dont get this at all. Understand there is alot of players, but ...... the Russian server got 3000 queue and not this disconects non stop. But probably becaues there is no "VIP STATUS". So its pointless to disconect ppl and forcing them buying stuffs. This looks so greedy and its awfull. I dont mind the rates, dont mind the drop, even dont mind the spoil ( since im spoiler ) But this "acting" for forcing buying VIPs is so LOW! Also i understand yur d esire doing that. You extended the gold packs, now hoping to sell 10 k VIPs. 6k players x30 $ gold pack = 180 k dollars + 6 k x 10 dollars for vip 2 = 60 k dollars = 240 k dollars. Thats not exactly the f2p i was looking for.