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  1. Let's also remember that this is the internet. Just because you can access Teamspeak and not L2 it means it's a routing problem, not their servers. Since you're going through a bunch of hops to get to those servers, the problem could be on one of those hops. I don't see how this has to do with NCSoft's professionalism.
  2. Wondering the same, I haven't been able to login because of the bugs that were going on, but I can't claim the Spiritshots anymore.
  3. After 4 hours, I got to the character creation, quickly selected a class and typed in my character name. Hit Create... loaded for a second... "The client will be closed" *throws table*
  4. I would agree with this, except people with Private Stores would get kicked which isn't suitable. So if they made a change to only have people who don't have a Private Store up to get kicked, people would just get around it by making private stores when they go afk.
  5. Karath

    DC QUEUE!!

    It's pretty bad. Been trying to login for the past 3 hours. I guess L2 Classic really means bringing back all of the Classic issues as well ;). I hope they are doing something to remedy this asap, especially people who have purchased NC Coin.
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