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  1. An Update on Greater Dyes

    If it was like that why it wasn’t on the path notes ? Do you understand that you are boosting mages right now ? Mages can go +4 con/wit/int with 0 cost . IM A 58 lvl destroyer I made this class to farm with +12 str . Why are you changing things without asking your community? Why are you keep failing us in every aspect ? At least make it mages can not use CON or use CON - wit/int@Hime @Juji
  2. Can you please fix DYES? Why no one complaining about dyes ? We cannot go higher then +5 . This needs to be fixed ASAP . We all know that in classic version the max is +12 .
  3. Destroyer

    I’m 40ish with wc 40ish .
  4. Destroyer

    Anyone can point out a good guide ? Skills to be learned ? playing solo sword or blunt or spear ? Gear guide etc . thanks in advance .
  5. Dyes

    Any updates about dyes ?
  6. Guide for Adena quests !

    Is there any quest in Orc village that gives 4.500 adena ?
  7. What’s going on guys ? can someone please right down or share a link for adena quests?
  8. About random(?) bans

    I was home and playing then I log off and went to my GF house in the meantime while I was in the bus I bought some NCoins from my mobile phone then when I I tried to log from GF house I got locked for suspicion etc ... seriously its been 48 hours without a reply ... Such a shame I've been waiting years for NCwest to launch a classic server ..