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  1. the only clan got CC in every raid (bots clan) = using them
  2. and that why we are saying ban All players using bots
  3. retweet there is too much player with bots farming adena and then selling them that gonna destroy the player and make him pay for these players Pffffffff Im out
  4. (Just go away and be a troll (or a totally braindead person, whichever it is) somewhere else. We don't want you on our server.) just ignore him
  5. Oh that nice idea bcuz most of ppl i think will farm scrolls
  6. how some players look like trying to get D weapon https://media.giphy.com/media/5QI46dNfrtAjoWotjG/giphy.gif
  7. Dont be angrey the adena just not enough i love this game so much and i do not want to quit that why i said increase the adena Rate
  8. Can you guys fix the adena we cant get enough amount of adena to buy weapon u guys care about your community so fix it pleasse .Thanks Joker
  9. hi all i think we need more adena and xp for some ppl they cant play 24/7 to get enough adena to buy weapon or armor so pls fix your adena problem all monsters from 1-30 give same amount of adena fix it!!!!!!
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