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  1. He resets so they cant change its location like they used to and u couldnt find the boss and about full regen HP i dont know why but im sure some players were doing something so this counter attack came to happen
  2. Astellia in summer 2019 seems cool like TERA
  3. fak elven elders and their faking clarity
  4. I think it is better to drop runes to high lvl raids because u will be able to farm runes with easier lower rbs (since there are CMs and +++++ D weaps) and it will be as bots for adena
  5. Anything at this L2 is supposed to be on WHATEVER THEY bleep THEY WANT, lol. They are not forced to copy anything from old "classic" l2 u used to play or do as u wished too and let the rest ppl know about it for god sake
  6. Karma Bug high lvl

    U tried that "stun, i wont let u cast spells" then "oops stun, i wont let u cast more spells" then " hehe stun, i wont... OMG i pk-ed him" mmmmmmmmmm?????
  7. It was suppose to be classic! but what classic is for your? according to what i think u think u better have the whole package where u have the bad graphics too, that will be much closer to your "classic" version and what u wanted to play
  8. it ended previous maintenance
  9. they didnt say which day of february they will announce it so if they do it on the last maintenance day of that month dont be surprised

    u can have the same potential by playing your same char to a high rate server and when the robot do his job u can kill others easily! just accept the fact i told u

    because they want the easiest way ever! they want to go to drink coffee with their friends and the machine do all the work! FOR EXAMPLE! if there was a robot who could do the real life job for you and u get paid your salary every month with spending just 50 euros for the robot wouldnt u do it? u could wake up whenever u want go for a walk whenever u feel like having sex when u wanted and the robot bringing u the salary every month! u would do it :3
  12. i like your post and i want to add that thing on macro paragraph that they can enable it but be able to use buffs and follow commands because if they just enable them the server will be taken over by legal botters areas will be filled with ppl hiting all the time and i dont wanna see my player dead because someone wanted to take my spot i left on macro so he decides to bring many mobs to kill me or something like that
  13. Man i hope everything will be ok, but the think is that juji and hime might not be able to help u since this might not be their jobs (account job block unblock inspect etc) try make a 5th account char 1 and see what will happen! if they block u and never unblock it again it might be what @Aliaksandr said if they block but unblock then wtf? if they never block it then wtf again

    It was supposed to be a hardcore server and this is 1 of the most easy servers to lvl up. i might agree if exp scrolls wouldnt exist
  15. Archer Server

    they need too much adena to farm alone and even if they reach high lvls it is normal for them to do that!! dagger class needs to leech exp because solo they suck hard at exp but when they reach high lvls they can 2 shot u! CDL on mages can RIP u too depending your jewels their staff grade the ++ and the buffs they got
  16. B grade

    for pvp it is better to have a BW because of stun resist but if u dont have the money or u want to keep the +15% of casting speed of karmian u can get an avadon which is cheaper (but i dont know prices) now to be honest i dont have count the difference between +3WIT of BW and +15% of avadon in casting speed stat so better check it as for the weapon i was always had a valhala one for my BP and doom shield, i dont know if u can have something better than that! i dont think a 2H weapon mage would be good even if it gives more healing power (more m at more healing done) the shield helps to pvps too
  17. Yeah rune yeah !! i have no party anyway yeah
  18. i agree that othell rune giving crit rate at this early of server will be over for the one who doesnt have it
  19. Incoming siege absurds

    u got your replies and i have to say i also agree with youknowme and punish
  20. WC 59 lvl if cp (TI)

    Im wc 59 lvl all buffs looking for a CP to exp! im playing many hours! I prefer EU hours (TI)
  21. Was nice while it lasted

    150 pvps had my mage friend at lvl 25
  22. Lv. 76+ - 3rd class?

    So about lvl cap there isnt a lvl cap? someone can go lvl 80 and when 3rd class comes out he rules the server?