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  1. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    It's really funny. I started saying that to lower the actual prices was the only way to save l2 servers before classic went live and i got something like 20 daily bans from neutron Imho only omenofsteel got more bans than me
  2. Everything depends on your goals and from this point of view classic is undoubtedly better. In the two live servers there is no way to avoid paying to play after level 100. At innova they all tried but at least there they are honest. At that time even fragola tried. Simply as soon as you get to level 100 it becomes more important to click on the l2 store icon than to play. The problem stems from the fact that if you do not spend at least 7,500 - 10,000 US dollars to buy certain pieces of equipment [armor + 6/8-weapon apo + 12- jewelry lvl 3 / 4- circlet, cloak] you are not even considered by other players to do some daily quests, let alone play in the 105+ areas. Simply put without that gear no one will want you in a 7 ppl party You will be always kicked out of parties ending up quitting in a matter of days. The speech becomes different in classic In classic it is not a matter of money to spend but of time played You can try to spend a million dollars but your character will always be less powerful than those who can afford to play 10-16 hours a day. In my opinion there is a mistake in here. You don't have to be the n. 1 to have fun on a lineage server 2. The speech is always the same. This is a game where the costant party and the clan count. L2store has transformed it into a game where, in some sectors, only the single counts, only to discover in the siege and exping that at the end of the day only constant parties and clans count In my opinion you should play classic There is a whole other environment. Players help each other On live the first passer tries to pk you In short live servers -> toxicity classic servers -> you can have fun without spending so much real money
  3. The game we all loved and love was about an entire clan doing something with the clannies growing up alltogether. When someone get an a grade armor or a grade weapon +0 we made rave parties that lasted for days. Now I see only a bunch of selfish people who run around the map looking for a pointless 7 vs 7 trying to demonstrate they have the imba fake virtual item. In the past there was a connection between the game and the real life. I personally met all my clannies back in 2005 till 2009. And we were 100+ in that clan. What can I say? Just meh ... To ncwest staff - connection with the player base - done but can be done more often. You moved in the right direction - lowering l2store prices and adding on it perma-items - done but you can lower the prices a bit more and add more items - gm online - zero - has to be done yet.
  4. You made all good points Pleist but one. There's a big misunderstanding in here about the top dogs, sometimes addressed as "the whales", and the rest of the players. There are like 5 to 7 top dogs counting in the two servers. I don't remember who wrote this but sounded like that ipeppinio has just crashed his father's ferrari from wall to wall and that was no joke at all as soon as neutron introduced a new item (lets say circlets) on chronos there were grands and grands of usd spent in a matter of minutes because those top dogs needed to have that brand new item maxed out now Listen a normal gamer has a real life Those are rich kids without a real life The ones who do afk exping can be divided into two categories. The ones who are trying to compete with the top dogs like they can really farm a ferrari x day to replace the one you crashed the day before. Just nuts. They don't have a ferrari nor they can farm a ferrari playing l2. The ones who are botting to sell adena because they don't have a real job nor a real life. Just nuts. I remember a video made by fragola where she pointed out 7 toons in 100ish areas which were farming in s grade they were just ru bots like the ones i showed in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0XQedeqPA in that room there were 60+pcs all setted up to bot on l2 korea. Now how can u drop s grade? You can't Now how can u drop lvl 4 jewel? You can't Even with the new patches the botters will continue to bot and the ones who think they can bot a ferrrari playing l2 they won't never ever have a ferrari. Period.
  5. In the first grade someone teached to all of us that 1+1=2 and not 11 like Neutron tought. In russia lineage 2 is a very popular game because it's really cheap, tbh it's the cheapest ru video game. Thus they are forced to open a new server every 6 to 8 months. It would be really amazing to see all na users forced to log in on an eu or ru server just to uncover that they could have spent 1/10 of what they spend on an na server just to have the very same objects. It would be like this About the mobile thing. I never heard of an eu or na worker who died in the office because he had to work 18h x day. That's a totally different culture and it couldn't be exported plain and simple nor in eu nor in na
  6. First of all macro loop = botting no more no less logitech or razor macro loop = https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/660741/ = botting You have to say the things for what they are. A single dude with two ladtops can keep a spot for days and if the connection it's stable to one manteinance to the next. If you have 6+pc you can keep harnak and the other party spots filled for years. Korean bot servers = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0XQedeqPA I don't understand why are you saying 1+?=2 but you don't want to say that the ? it's an 1. Afk = botting How to get rid of afk parties? Gole is right, as usual. Put a timer 30-to 45 seconds to the macro loop then it goes off. If you want to bot go to bot on hello kitty.
  7. Another point. When I say begin to sell cosmetics this doesn't mean selling bamboo hats that even my 4yo old nephew can design better. Every gamer on earth wants that his avatar to have an unique appearance. Hell when neutron introduced the circlets Draecke came in here complaining that his toon looked like a donkey. And to gain those unique appearances every gamer on earth is willing to spend a ton of real money. Listen. Apex Legends is a ftp game. Dowload and you play but because every gamer wants an unique appearance they are cashing in millions of usd x day. Even that crap anthem is based on the same business models. The korean should just hire 3 homeless dudes and give them pencils to draw unique appearances on paper and then traslate that in the game. Is it that difficult to understand that your business model is dead since 2 years?
  8. To Argus. Why can't we be honest for just one time. The ones who whispered to you just returned in front of the monitor after beeing afk and found their toon deep red spoiled of gear. Hell when the connection was more stable and the ss issue wasn't this big there were folks that tripped for 4 days and they went back finding their toons still afk exping. 4 days without ever beeing in front of a monitor. If you can't afford to act like a 14yo nerd kid who never sleeps and doesn't have a real life you have only 2 options. Pick another video game or stop acting like a dumb. You are afk exping at your own risk. This is supposed to be a game where you have to be in front of a monitor for a loooooooong time. I bet innova will regret their choice very soon. This way an entire party of 108 full stacked toons can pk non stop an entire server, over and over and over. Hell yeah there will be a lot of fun for those 7 ppl but the others will quit sooner or later, if not in a matter of days. To Yidao. If someone managed to force Dudot, who was not only a gamer who was constantly looking for the lore but for the game mechanics, to run away on classic, well or Jujii will be able to do a 180 degrees turn or he will be force to close the servers in a matter of months.
  9. I agree with you Yidao. The devs want the players to kill each other. But the fact that someone wants something does not mean that this something is the right thing to do. Look I am Italian and in 2012, guess what when neutron toook command, an Italian male had the brilliant idea that he could go coastal with the biggest cruise ship on earth and be with his lover at the same time. That idea was so brilliant that the entire ship sank and even David Lettermann also spoke of it on prime time prolly because that ship sank just in front of one of the most beautiful italian coast and nobody could go there for four years. It was like sinking a ship in front of the statue of liberty, on purpose. This idea of turning lineage 2 into a fps it's simply stupid. In a few seconds ncwest will lose two-thirds of the players' base who want to play a mmo that has rpg, drama etc. components. And btw which fps does require to grind for 5 to 15 years to be one shotted in less than a second?
  10. Isn't a mistery at all where many DH are coming from. Ru and in the past four years greece. First thing first. If you try to log in on l2 ru or l2 eu from na in less than a day you will be perma-banned unless you are using a vpn service The same doesn't happen in here where ppl from asia or eu can log in as there wasn't any right to distribute l2 in eu or asia. That beeing said isn't a mistery at all why DH almost emploded on itself. 99% of DH didn't spent a cent in this game for almost 14 to 11 years. How? They sold the items they earned in game for adena bypassing this way the entire L2store. If you were on naia in the last 8 years you've read for sure exe in general with "wtb nccoins" or adena for nccoins This way DH can buy things from the L2 store without spending a real cent. This was possible untill the cloacks and the circlets were introduced in the l2store no one can keep the pace with those insane prices or you have to play 5 years to afford a +5 radiant circlet and 10 years to afford a +20 cloak for a total of 15 years to keep the pace with the ones on chronos that were spending 10k usd x minute. It was impossible to keep the pace with those nuts + there was the video scandal Dudot's video was the best overall, everywhone on 3 servers said that but neutron gave the first prize to someone else and i won't tell how many nccoins spent where behind that first prize. Thuth is that this whole mess has only one name on top of it Neutron.
  11. Farming adena

    This information is incorrect With the quest you can get 4 jewels lvl 1 and going to shadai you can have 4 gemstone powder but you need 4 jewel grinders as explained in here https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Gemstone_Powder The thing you were referring to sleeping is that to have those 4 grinders you have to buy jewel boxes because you will have 1 jewel grinder for every jewel box you open. Gaining adena through the gemstone powder it's still viable due to the fact that many players are selling jewel grinder 1kk each But you have to put this into account with this method to get a +10 pvp armor and a +12 apo 3sa weapon you will need something about 3 to 5 years of non stopping play assuming you play 300 day per year 16 hours per day. You can understand by yourself that no one wants to do the same thing over and over for 3 to 5 years 16 hours per day. Fact is that the worst thing neutron did it's to open an ocean between the ones who are in the first 100ish and the ones who are 105 and above. To climb that wall you have now only one way. To spend real money to buy things from the L2 store and to sell that crap for adena. Atm there isn't a second way and we can only hope that jujii will lower the prices because it's just dumb to spend 200 usd in here to have 150 jewel boxes while with 25 usd you can have 200 jewel boxes on innova (eg with 150 usd on innova you may have 1.200 jewel boxes and not only 200 like here on ncwest) I'm kinda surprised jujii is still in business. Honestly a normal gamer with a normal life doesn't want to spend 5.000 to 10.000 usd just to do a 105+ daily quest.
  12. I will add just one more thing then i'm out of this OT Since you record everything your actual clanmates are doing to use those videos as soon as you switch clan i'm pretty sure you recorded every single clan chat you did. Look better the logs. I was in your clan chat three times. Look better. You're not the only one who records things. As soon as i heard you threating ms lowbies to help you to go to kill a certain detagged nova or to make him go red to stole his stuff i said to myself I don't want to have nothing to share with this cheater.
  13. Listen kid. You name jesus christ every two words prolly because of the weed you're smoking. Why don't we arrange a meeting on discord with some well renowned ex rs member like, let me guess, prince and the like so we can speak about - why you were forced to leave naia - why nyky logged in and found herself teleported in another server without knowing anything about it; isn't that account sharing or what? - why you said to all "you know what do it by yourself" but you turned out a week later beggin for help because "I can't defeat nova which rejected me by myself" While you think omen is invited too to explain why he's feeling the urge to protect a cheater who's not his cl anymore. Well his not a cl since 3 years. Maybe he's the cl of all his bought accounts. Brudda you were able to cheat and not beeing banned for that only because neutron needed every breathing beeing to don't be fired up on the fly three years ago. P.s. you don't have no haters nor fans. You are been ignored, or rejected, by everyone on this game. The funny thing is that zuzu is the kindest player in here but to defeat nova he needed cheaters like you. Period.
  14. Lets continue this a little bit 5th should I tell to almost an hundred ppl who shinjiriu really is? 6th should i have to post all the topics where ppl complained about shinjriu's scams? They are, all, still there. You scammed almost an entire server, you betrayed every clanmate you had just to buy another account to seem like a virgin to the next clan. 7th should I post chats of someone begging to buy 50+ b for real cash? 8th why on earth someone who has been rejected from a clan because he is a well renowned cheater/scammer continues to post topics from the forum of the clan which rejected him? 9th why on earth instead of going out with a girl or a wife someone continues to be logged in at impossible hours to do what? Oly? Sieges? Gratz. This tell who you were, who you are, who you will be. For sure you aren't a gamer. I can continue for decades but, really, you aren't worth my time. Please do to all a favour. Go play hello kitty.
  15. 1st Truffle was spending his father's money. Since when your father's money is "hard earned money"? 2nd Should we invite DIL in this conversation to explain how many times he banned you from core since they watch the logs in there while neutron needed every cheater from all around the world to say to nckorea "look i'm not fucblip this game"? 3rd i'm proud to be a lowbie nonfactor in a pve clan as far as i don't cheat in this game 4th should we tell to jujii to watch the logs of all of your toons to enlist how many eula violations you did every minute you logged in? I do repeat myself. You aren't perma-banned only in 2 games on the entire planet earth: - l2 ncwest come on naia so i can kick your butt all around the map or - hello kitty. I bet you will play there after buying some other's accounts. @OmenOfSteel why don't you pm fotomoto asap he will tell you some interesting stories about ppl who spent much more than 250k in a month. Or should i pm allaroundme to ensure where a +17 cutter came from? And for how much
  16. I'm with Yidao on this one too. I bet 99% of l2ncwes players don't even imagine how many real usd ppl spent in the past in this game. The ones who were on chat with truffle while he was spending 10k usd x minute won't never ever tell you this. I was on chat with sandrah while he spent something like 250.000 usd in a month. Beeing said that sandrah detoxed and now has a normal life the real questions are: 1. how many nuts are still on naia and chronos? 10? maybe less. I've logged in and saw greater jewels lvl 6 beeing sold for 75b aka even the worst nuts are cashing out. 2. to please 10, or maybe less, nuts you have to destroy what remains of this game? 3. when there will be no other gamer but those 10, or less, nuts what those 10, or less, nuts will do? To pk npcs?
  17. I'm with Yidao on this one. Afk parties need to be hunted down and exterminated 24/24 365/365 Don't get me wrong. What innova did fixed one fake problem but let two other problems arise. A] The fake problem. Let the afk players farm 24/24 Since when an afk player buys nccoins? Afk parties, the fabolous one man army, are meant to gain adena without spendind a cent. Draecke should have linked the trick to avoid the macro loop deletion on classic by using the mouse. Guess what. It was posted on innova the day after they introduced the macro loop deletion. Afk parties are the best way to rmt. And this lead to the first real problem B] The first real problem As a normal player, no matter how many nccoins you buy, you simply can't compete with the dude with 2 ladtops who's always online. As far as that player doesn't want to spend 1 million usd on nccoins that player will be forced to quit. Is l2ncwest policy to force the real players to quit replacing them with the 6th and the 7th other's toon ? C] The second real problem If you can go red without any consequences at all why, if you are eg. peppinio, you can't simply go around one shotting the entire server? Yeah you know, and I bet Jujii knows this too well, it's so entertaining to be multiple times one shotted while you're exping. Those are the things that force the real players to quit. D] The real solution. Draecke suggested it almost a month ago. Set a timer for the macro loop: 30 seconds then it goes off. You don't need a genius to enter one single string into the code. Ps. 1. Glad to see Draecke is coming back to naia Ps. 2. Aizen plz shut up. You're the only one in here who entered the game beeing, everyone knows how, not lvl 1 but directly lvl 100 with an untradable ele shirt + 7 on. Gratz now go play hello kitty.
  18. Lol heya gole Well those guys deserve a 12 month free rehab in some tasmanian's island. That beeing said. Folks could you please give Jujii some time to un-do what neutron did in seven years? Meh And the signals are already there. Look Instead of banning you Jujii is answering to you When i read this post the first time I had to check, twice, I wansn't on innova forum
  19. Honestly ... Look at normal gamers, where are they now? Where's Dudot? Where's Hitcha? I'll give you an hint ... l2ncwest giran classic server The 1 millions usd accounts or the +50k euros accounts don't need a new server nor a server merge they just need
  20. This cannot happen and if it happened it would be just ridiculous. Truffle spent nearly a million dollars on his l2 ncwest equipment. On the other hand candypaint spent less than 50k euros to get better gear compared to truffe. Or if you prefer l2ncwest pure casino elsewhere gamers who don't know a steam brand new game it's worth 60 usd. I have to disagree with my old friend Pleist everyone who logs in on classic can enjoy pure fun no wallet advantage atm you can pvp even at lvl 40-46 so ...
  21. Listen bro. There was a misunderstanding. I've already told to you that l2 ncwest live servers aren't for you. To play in here you will need tons of real cash, and we are talking, at least, about 10.000 usd, or tons of time and cash. You don't want to sped the first (real cash), as every other gamer on earth, and you can't afford to spend the second (24h/24h online). Plus every afk player needs just two ladtops and he/she can arrange a full party of afk toons. There isn't an afk clan nor it will ever be. Every afk player does it by himself. Try instead, as I suggested above, l2 ncwest classic server giran Post in that forum and give it a try. L2 ncwest Live servers are just toxic You will have more fun playing 30 minutes per day on classic than playing for your entire life on the live servers. Trust me. It's the same client. Give it a try. You will tank me later.
  22. So true Yidao but you've missed the third option to be targeted and oneshotted by four valakas throwers stage 3 at once just rmted 15 minutes before through four visa infinity credit cards.
  23. Don't be foolished. Those are EN members from core server. That server opened five years ago but they have stuff you can't even imagine. They have all maxed out and they tried that +20 just for joking. A chronos or naia stacked toon for them it's just a one shot moving target. They are like truffle x 10 or 1 millions usd x 10, for each EN member Enjoy four valakas throwers stage 3 in the same match https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDSJ8oB8eSM&t=94s
  24. Hello. Sorry but you want to play to a game that doesn't exist anymore. First of all you have to think to l2 ncwest as two differente games. 1st one l2ncwest live you have posted on the forums of this version 2nd one l2ncwest classic you haven't posted on the forum of this version Generally speaking with that gear no one will take you in a party to do a simple daily k85 quest. 1st one L2ncwest live version has developed, in the past years, in a really bad direction. To do a simple lvl 100 quest you have to spend at least 5.000 us dollars, not canadian one, not australian ones You will need at least 5.000 of this And that's only the beginning. The players you see on the l2 ncwest live server are still in here because everyone of them has invested something that goes from 15.000 usd for more than a million usd on pixels. Yes on pixels. The business model it's simple. You don't have the time to spend to grind and earn you gear though 30 years of real playing? Where's the problem? Give me your money. All of your money Punching in credit card numbers you can be lvl 105 fully geared up but you will have to spend something like 100.000 us dollars. 2nd L2ncwest classic no macro loop is the game you know as a father and an husband you won't have the time to grind up Alternatively you can join a clan on l2ncwest classic that doesn't watch to lvl or gear but plays only for fun Try there. For sure l2ncwest live isn't for you. Gl irl mate.
  25. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Ok. Ignore me don't ignore me who cares All in all you are getting a tunnel from holland to erase latency believieng to connect directly to a server in texas/chicago lmao dagger is trying to erase that latency connecting from holland This thing doesn't make any sense to me For the records wow official forums about the bans https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/6933834316 As for the rest The problem is battle ping You are paying to be scammed But you are saying no the problem is the xingcode .... I've said to you try two different tunnelling services you put me in the ignore list 1 if it makes any sense to you 2 who cares