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  1. ++, is the ADENAPPRECIATION code not available anymore? Ive tried it several times and it isnt working for any of my accounts, maby I missed the very short time limit to apply the code? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone else think these should be available to buy for NCcoin in l2 store at least 1 a day instead of just (1) a day for 3 million adena? I broke my +7 B grade weapon I Paid 45$ for after trying to enchant it 1 time, got no crystals nothing for it.. Now i've purchased for 3 million adena a day an aden scroll to try to make my Aden weapon worth using but have literally not succeeded in enchanting it past +9 since about lvl 58.. im 79 now, and have failed literally over 20+ times on it.. The best part is my alt toon I started last week is in its 60's now and hasnt failed a single 1 and now has
  3. My question about the "Aden Solo Server" is.. if were forced to level up solo without box buffer/healer or macros. unable to party even a single friend to exp with and attack the same mobs, have Solo transcendence zones/ primevil/ alligator islands.. then just like any "single player" game you play by yourself.. why are there not "solo" bosses to kill ourselves and obtain halfway descent drops from? Everything about this server is "Solo" except for the fact if you want any gear worth having you need a clan and 3 full parties to go do raids..? Even further, most of these raids have been mono
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