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  1. Use l2wiki only for information, rates are very different. If a zone isn't "fixed" the spoil rate is 0.25, if "fixed" 0.5 - 0.75
  2. Until 40 lvl everything is fine... after that i don't know... i just hit 40. I like it hard... i got 1 ori ore in 36 min in death pass - road scavengers and i'm okay with that.... the server is too lameeeeeeeeeeeee. Free no grade items, moon set, Halloween event with top D weapons, daily quests with 3m exp, over 40 lvl daily with C items(jewels/weapons/items), million items for +XP/SP, it's just a joke how hard it is
  3. Yes i saw a bot spoiler with assist of human(knight or warrior) in EG, when i did my 2nd prof Q. They spoil 1 mob and sit(20-30 sec). That's 1 coal or 1 a.bone. I'm kinda scary of their efficiency ;]
  4. Do you have official NCSOFT DROP CALCULATOR?????????????????? Right now you are silly, cuz you use another server drop calc! Yes you can have more mats then a bot party. They spoil solo.... i do festivals with my CP!
  5. I'm not a bot and have the same amount of mats as they have. I can craft 2 full plate set right now(lacks of parts cuz lvl). It took me 7h spoil festivals for 600 i.ore and 1k a.bone. L2 is not a 1-2h per day game!!!
  6. Why do you cry so much about spoil? I'm BH 40 and everything is just fine. The market is full of mats/key(Giran), almost every trader sells 1k++ of various mats(i.ore/a.bone/varnish etc.) L2wiki is based on Skelth rates. It's supposed to be hard on NCSOFT, not easy!!!
  7. try ctrl + t until u see "monster" on ur screen
  8. I even spend 5 euro to buy NCoins to get lvl 1 vip... so i can log w/o queue and i can't even log to spend them
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