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  1. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    When square bleeped FF XIV on launch there was huge negative backlash that forced them to scratch the game from beginning,when bethesda bleeped fallout there was huge backlash when blizzard bleeped diablo the community reacted in most negative way possible,when it comes to ncsoft and their bleep ups and it is very often that it happens the community here defends them,no wonder we are stuck with this excuse for a server.30 lvl droping more adena than 50+ is fine, ss are luxury,teleports luxury,beast ss luxury i mean wtf.half the features bugged,afk events,afk fishing,people over 70 lvl that is the cap,80% of the server are mages and warlord cause alternatives hurt,some classes intentionally ruined so ncsoft makes more money,bots taking all the farming spots and 0 action against them.When u stay alone with bots like on chronos and naia u understand.
  2. Maximum level was not 70?

    upgrading every few lvls was on the past nowdays u do it every lvl barring few,you can probably find some arcana mace mages running on the server soon don't worry everything working as intended!!
  3. SAD FACTs

    You are so cluelesss not funny, i have warlord 45 with 200kk exp on scroll /blessing with spoiler 46 lvl and se 44 when something is broken we have every right to speak cause this shit is completely broken nothing work they way it was intended or should.
  4. SAD FACTs

    How many of this 5.3 are bots/multibox let me quess at least half.
  5. SAD FACTs

    Because the plan is to add sp scrolls in the future to store nothing is accidental.
  6. So... max level ey?

    Holy shit nothing actually works on this server nothing pathetic.
  7. Actual Chaos

    Go buy adena from bots,mats/ss/equipment from store and brag being good clown.
  8. Actual Chaos

    Thing is they could make so much more money by just dealing with these issues and respecting their customers.How its possible that a big company like ncsoft is so blind to go for a short term profit,they could give a server we all wanted without all these shit the current one have and make much more.But don't worry if a company like blizzard can be damaged by single stupid announcement u think ncsoft gonna be ok,all their games going downwards and in long term all these gonna hurt them sooner or later.
  9. Actual Chaos

    from 17 of my friendlist only 3 plays and today was the final for me also gl with this shit.
  10. why?

    they have people deleting post 2 sec after posting but they cant have on the game to ban bot what a joke
  11. Didn't expect more from ncsoft, what a pathetic excuse for a company single handedly destroyed the server in 2 months,servers dying so fast not funny, already half the population it started and that's with multiboxing,bots,rmt.