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  1. Gear progression

    Thanks, got the karmian set and waiting to get enough adena for a weapon
  2. WTB Demon Gloves

    I know the server is agonizing, but i want my demon gloves and want it now before it dies Mail it to "Cuarentena and dont be too greedy since i started playing 2 weeks ago
  3. Gear progression

    So, there is my situation: Made a Human Mage, future necro and two boxes, bladedancer and Elven Elder. Got the starter pack, so i'll have a temporary C grade weapon Made 3 other accounts to farm adena on auto, not much but 800k/day is almost doable Now, what is the optimal progression once i get to Lvl40? Should i get Karmian or stay with moon gear till A grade? Should i get C weapon or wait to B or A? Thanks!
  4. How to dual box

    Damn it was easy. Thanks
  5. How to dual box

    Hi, i may be kinda stupid, but how can i log a seccond account for buffs? when i open the launcher it logs on my main acount, but if i open a second launcher gives me an error, and cannot open a second instance of the game. HALP