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  1. Olympiad

    When they open olympiad?
  2. Ban for my best friend warsmith(CL)

    whats ur friend name?
  3. Gelob (Lineage 2) Nov 21, 22:32 PST Hello, As much as we want to help you, our position on the account has not changed. We cannot help you further due to reasons mentioned before. As this issue has been fully reviewed and addressed to the highest degree that can be done, we are unable to assist you any further. As such, further replies or new support tickets regarding this account or issue may not receive a response. Regards, Gelob NCSOFT Support Team
  4. I'm 60 already so Iam here where drops, rates are bugged
  5. Another victim of Suspicious Account.

    Not even one single "sorry" top company
  6. Website access

    they will do nothing
  7. Another victim of Suspicious Account.

    Gl guys start making new characters
  8. Yes, tried to login on pc/smartphone. Anyway I can login in to my prophet's account
  9. I'm getting mad. Trying resolve my problem - can't login via website (No, it's not a ban) As ur customers do we have any rights? Why your support answer in EVERY single case that they can't help and can't provide any information. What joke is it? I don't know law in USA, but in europe such a behavior ends in mass lawsuit. I can't believe in 21st century such company may exist. Shame on you.
  10. this company is such a joke.
  11. Hello,As stated on our previous response, we are unable to assist you with accessing the account due to the reasons provided by Czian. As you are aware, we are unable to provide further information regarding this matter. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Glenn NCSOFT Support Team