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  1. So after this you should give all accounts rewards my runa also is on and i wasting time not playing
  2. Ok, he got a debuff, so what? Box can just wait, while your brother (if there's one) will be exping with his main. Do you have few bot parties running around, that you figured out so ridiculous reason for this change? You're farming without shots and you're not "burning" your money? Yea, all pony parties does not use shots. Reasonable. No way to win with bots? It would take average experienced player 30 minutes to ban all bots in the server, with 99% accuracy.
  3. True. However, it will help a little bit.
  4. guys, it is just needed to increace the cap to e.g. 8000. there were 6500 on russian servers easily and there where not afks and 2 boxes on each pc. best regards
  5. Guys, even if I paid for the nc coins I can't upgrade to vip status, since it is impossible to create a char
  6. Hey, I was trying to create a char, but without success, so I bought 400nc coins and I spent 80 of them in aden server to activate vip1. Is it somehow possible to log in to other servers as well? it still kicking me out ;/
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