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  1. support team and dev team

    btw, looking for any hint from ppl, that could help me finish the bloody quest, in the end is what they advised me to do
  2. this is what u get after spending real money in this game ... zero support and fully ignorance from dev team
  3. Incomplete, for the first time !

    if there are no people around there is no inflation to solve bro, we could at least once stand together, NCwest have now the power to take measures that will reduce bot use to zero ( with the new security monitoring software ) so why not give achance?i strongly believe that many people will come back on Live servers!and not only!
  4. Incomplete, for the first time !

    maybe they will bring more adena, but they will also help the game to move on, and how more adena will affect your "shitty economy" ?
  5. You brought back an improved version of old Lineage II, how about bringing back old players on the actual Live Lineage II (Chronos and Naia are very light at the moment), for the first time in the history of this game apply a mass account unlocking, why ? it's a win win decision, since now NCsoft have considerable improve their game security monitoring and any further infringement of any kind can be punished way more faster and simple
  6. Excessive loss xp after death

    juji or what the f.ck ever is his name and the f.ck ever company DON'T give a 💩 about you rats so, wake the 👉👌 up and sto cry cry and play pay 😘