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  1. Oh thanks guys. Jajajaj Only cause my time in WoW expired and i have to buy more time.. one friend of mine tell me to test this game, I really dont like it very much because i always see a guy with 2+ char... its looks stupid for me, a very selfish game... But when i start playing i thought why playing the clasic game if we can play de new one... Well... thanks guys, i keep thinking the same (like 2010 to now) about this game, its p2w, its almost dead, and they are more bots than trully guys enjoying the game (thing that its impossible to see sometime in WoW, you have to
  2. Hi guys, i im new in L2 and I started playing in classic server. Now i have a Dark elf Shillien Oracle. But I see that the live server is the principal... it got the new things and a lot of more things What should i do? Keep playing classic, or start in live server? If I should start in live server, what class do you recommend? Thanks
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