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  1. i agree with that you say, but they turn the game the last years for full party need and aoe skills, so some classes dont have any aoe skills and they dont want them to any party for that reason all that people start play only dual class and main is very low level , when the day come to can play my main again and want it to parties then will dont want it for low lvl , for example i have main wynn 104 and dual healer 106 , i play only healer because no one want wynn in this update i make easy the healer 110+ if they make something to next update and all need wynn in party they dont take me bec
  2. you dint say how to use the deton's blue potion. i try 2 klik when not fishing and when fishing but nothing. i lost 3 pass to go in fantastic fishing island and i cant use it. in site have nothing about this and in item too. i give 60 euro to take 3 pack with 3 pass i use it for try fishing with deton's blue potion and nothing
  3. and for long time they sell the item in store so i think they can do it again
  4. i play wynn from cod start it was funny but all time pets and skills change and i dont like it now my main is 102 wynn arcana lord and dual 100 aeore healer i dont want to stop this char and start new becouse i have it 11 years. when god start you give us an item to change main if we didnt like it becouse all game change. i use it too and i change to wynn but now i need to change again , i bored wynn like he is now . when you drop it again in action house to can change? i think many people want it. you will make many money from that
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