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  1. The game was great when it was around c2.. with limited craftings and some dungeon or catacombs.. But when crafting and fishing was added too just about anything, it became too much and too confusing for casual players. Its hard for us to keep up and with bots automating everything its clear the game is no longer fun for casual players or even normal players. Please do not add too much crafting junks and olympian junks to the game.. keep it simple so that players dont feel like they have to grind everyday to keep up to have fun.. I dont mind leveling one to 3 hours a day but u talking about leveling 3 to 8 hours a day and on top of that you have to fish or go material hunting, when bots can have all those things done, its not fair to the players..just my 2 cents complaint about craftings.. More is not always better..
  2. Report BOT

    how serious is ncsoft about controllling botters and illegal program users?? I quit the original years ago due to many bots and reports not being answered...