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  2. Yesterday i made a post about lag and compensation and you ve answerd to me that we already have 100% xp and if i need some tissues or cookies and now what??? You re compleining? Do you need some more tissues? Server is running smoothly ..
  3. Well actually players are tired and they dont even care about the 100% party bonus when they have melee lags and random disconnections arround 1 year now... Pay subscriptions for what? Wanna answer me? Or you need some cookies - tissues too?
  4. I can guess some Dandy's golden ball would be nice -_-'
  5. Hello arround 2 days now we cant play... Our runes are running out and still we have no infos about the ""compensation"". Alice finally found her lost time what about ours?
  6. 2nd nerf on archer's aoe... Congratulations instead of fixing mobs power or returning those pve herbs you re just keep destroying a class..
  7. so wanna tell us your gear??? And wanna take me also in your party ... I really want to see a mid gear/lvl char killing baylor solo in 5-10 mins..
  8. Yeah but love potions are only for that event.. Aren't they? And also mobs now are stronger, so they really need to change something. Nerf mob's dps or bring back those pve herbs.
  9. Well we need to get back those pve herbs.. they were helping low gear ppl to farm and it was a great boost.. Now mobs are harder and its difficult to kill them even with a decent gear..
  10. So difficulty on mobs is higher now and you removed those pve herbs fair enough.. Also stop focusing only on the high lvl players and think about us that we are arround 105 to 110 lvl with mid gear... From now on farming solo will be a torture..
  11. W/a us that we join kain instance and we never took the reward? You never replied us even if we were spamming.. Answer pls
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