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  1. Main - Dual exchange service

    Hi, like i said on other post that i have created some months back, mqin class change it's a must option to the game, it's been a long time and many changes in the game so it's a ++ for me for any tipe off service that allows us to change main class. I just hope for once gm will listen to they customer's. I ques people will keep spending money to improve their new main classes unstated of creating a new char and spend on it (i will definitely not create a new char i prefer quit then do that) so Juji and company read this post and analyse the data how many will quit vs how many will create new char, like draecke said many people playing atm dual class and no one new were this will be when they created the chars they start playing something that they like in that moment but game evolved making them not like to play that class anymore so they whent on dual investing time and money now adding this will force them to play somthing they don't like or quit simple as that.
  2. L2 Store

    I will suggest for NC to review the consumable from store were we still have the old rose that no one use them ,can you guys just replace whit Freya rose add Glowing attribute ,the new purple/red potion stuff that people need on the daily basis . Way should we buy NC coin then buy some stuff from shop that we don't need just to wait day's to sell them in order to do some Adena to buy at over price all the pot.that we use,when it's much more easier to have them in store and we can buy them straight away . Also jewels broch can be on L2 Store for ever ,I am pretty sure that will be more sold then on the promo ,pl Will buy them in a monthly basis .
  3. WTB Elcyum

    Wtb elcyum and elcyum Cristal pm me in game Mrdmg32 or leave a msg here thank you.
  4. Ghara do you even play the game,how can you say such things SOS or elven PvP zone lol that will bring you PvP ? Well let me tell you it will not what will bring it's more players leaving the game and if you are a real player u should understand that.
  5. Main class change

    remember NC is a business so start using arguments that they can't ignore aka Thank you Draecke constructive ,that was the point of this post but many people don't understand and they add totally different things (it's not about creating new char or about me become hero or any other reason of this type) it's about a service that will improve the game play of the players whit a service that I think since obviously the game evolved so much will be used by many including me (I will gladly pay 8k n coin rather then name, class or gender change if you see my point). I will like to see and hopefully NC soft too how many people will appreciate if available this service and how much are willing to spend. Thx for your time .
  6. Main class change

    How this will be a game changer and not the : greater jewels ,broch, cloaks, circlets,new +30skills and all the others $$$$ items? It will not just for a bit unbalance the game ,but maybe I don't know things that you know so can you please add some arguments!
  7. How do you want people to PvP when a clan have 90% of top items and rest of the clan's only 10% maybe less (I will not give names)? Will you PvP against some one that no matter how good you are still have no chance because your gear it's just simply not enough? Will you PvP against a clan that you know for a fact it's no chance off winning because your clan simply don't have items?
  8. Good job guy's , nice event , keep it going.+ 1 for the staff
  9. Main class change

    Well let's see the facts: We have option to change the race of the character ,name and gender so we're this will interfere with the status : If you are not aloud to have dominator on elf ,you can first change race to orc then go dominator ,or I am wrong? About the quest I really don't know to which one you refer,I don't know any q at 103+110 that are different for class? About Oly this it's not about me wanting to be hero( I don't and never wanted) it's the fact that the game has change a lot and maybe pl are not playing happy with their main class ,or just Wana try a different class to challenge themselves ,I don't know it just an assumption. Like I said before I will like to keep this to way it's wrong to have this service: if it's a positive or negative impact for the game . On a daily basis pl are trying to do things with a party so having 2 classes that you like to play it's a better option then one to fit yourself in a party. Hunting solo it also have a good impact having in mind the different zone of hunting (GC daggers, Tyr,evy.......Rafinary Yul ,mage,Tyr) among many others hope everyone get the point in what I am trying to say. This will give all of us the liberty of setting a balanced char , that you will like to play. Thank you
  10. Extend EXP Boost Event please

    + for xp , it's really nice to see more players login and actually go out of town ,and even they fight for a spot , this it's been l2 since the beginning and that it's how it should be ,give the players something to fight for at least xp since drop not available any more , dragons and lately not even the siegi or Oly are demanding so much interest.
  11. Main class change

    Mixta ,thank you for your involvement ,no one was to cry , it's supposed to be constructive ,I don't get the part whit quest and race ,same q. U have on dual same thing with race apply to dual class so I don't see way on main should be any issues. Please refer only to the subject of this topic pro and con . Thank you
  12. Main class change

    I have submitted various ticket too and the answer was the same so that way I would like to see people opinion or NC soft opinion what could be wrong on having a service that allows change of the main class . I think this option will be use by many people ,I know for a fact half of my CP will . The fact it's that this will bring more interesting fights in Oly, many will try lvl up after being left behind in that main class ,NC will sell boost ,rune stone to learn skills ,the new books also ,the need of gear for that class will add to economy of the server . Probably many will go for a support class (I will) and that will be a good thing not waiting for h to find a support class for daily. Probably we will see people coming back to the game . Probably some will change just because they got bored playing the same class every day (dual) as the main they can't because the class it's ..... I don't know if I am looking at this only from a point ,I just don't see what will go wrong ,way it's not available. So please add your Pros. and cons . I hope one of GM will jump here and give us his opinion.
  13. Main class change

    Please refer to this topic ass the name, let's discuss pros and cons for a main class change also how many people will use this service if available so we can have a better understanding way we don't have the option of this change . 1 point NC earnings : + on my point of view, even if this will be a free service NC will have income due to the gear + skills change. 2 point game impact : + and here we will have many things like oly,clan party's, daily party,solo hunting. 3 point evolution of the game and classes : + so along the years game has change player's that have started whit a class at this point may have a good class others not so good , others may have just get bored and want to try something different so way don't let them ! If I missed something please discuss and keep it on subject. Thank you hope people participating and we can have a constructive post and maybe NC soft consider this option or not if you guys think this will be a con.to the game .
  14. Change dual class to main

    Hi ,I have the same problem like all you whit the main class ( wynn sumoner 102 no one will have in party) dual class yul 105 easy to find party good gear so I will Usk NCS West haw can I lvl up may main (no party ,no solo xp,I even spent money on boost)way we don't have the opportunity to change the main class what harm it will do way better will be a good business for NCS West ( pl.that will change it will have to spend Adena on buying stuff for the new class and that means $$$)
  15. Red Libra?

    If anyone requiring this service will have a post in this section so GM can see haw many people need this maybe they will consider . Thank you