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  1. Bishop or Elven Elder?

    Hi everyone! I was hoping you could provide some insight into this topic between EE and BP. Which would be best for end game? I level with a few friends (SEs and mages). With this set up, I think EE would be best for an extra recharger (and, later on, eventually the clarity) but I feel like the bishop is more of my style later on. I realize I'd only really provide Acu 2 / Berserk 1 to this party set-up as BP and not many heals are needed. However, beyond this party set-up, it is a needed class in the game overall, yes? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Effective trio group?

    Hello! 3 of us are going to start playing and we were wondering what were some effective trios. As of now, we were thinking: BP + DA + SpS actives with PP + SE boxes. But we're open to anything that'd be great, as long as the BP stays as one of the members (since I really want to play that class). Thanks in advance!
  3. Bishop

    Hello L2 community! I am thinking of rolling a Bishop, as I love main healing/support. I would love your advise on what would pair well with this class. Ideally, I wouldn't have to box more than one character. Thanks in advance!