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  1. I took a break from the servers over the weekend waiting for patch day to see some progress be made, and instead what I got was a slap in the face. Looks like I will not be returning to the NA classic servers which is a shame because this has always been my all time favorite game. I never expected an official NCwest server to be so poorly ran and managed. Sadly it seems like it was just an easy way to make a quick buck off loyal nostalgic fans.
  2. And that same shop is still there, there's literally zero effort put into dealing with the adena sales and or bots.
  3. Yes, you already said that, but why? Why do we have have a watered down version of Lineage 2 just because it's free to play? I think the players would appreciate a little more transparency from our "Community Managers" instead of these scripted PR responses. Not to mention that all the '"feedback" I've seen on the forums since the server launched regarding adena scaling, adena drops in certain areas and spoil rates have not been addressed in any of the areas that have been mentioned. There was literal video evidence posted on this very forum about the abysmal spoil rates and was acknowledged b
  4. There are even adena sellers with private shops opened up advertising their services that have been there for weeks. If they're doing anything to deal with the spam, and bots they're not doing it actively.
  5. That's an extremely interesting policy... So basically the NA classic servers are just a cash grab because you well know that you stand to gain more money from NCoin purchases people will make to maintain VIP and other consumables than you would with a basic subscription model? I paid monthly subscriptions for many years on this game before they went free to play, hell, I still even have my physical copy of Lineage 2. So in my eyes I have paid my dues so to speak, but to know we are getting a watered down experience because the servers of a fourteen year old game are free to play is extremely
  6. So can we just keep expecting maintenance on Wednesday's and Thursday's from now on? When you play the game it's not hard to see which hunting areas need fixing but you guys have some kind of secret agenda and vision for this server that I'm failing to see.
  7. Even on a VIP0 account using minimal to no exp boosts and leveling two characters to lvl40 at the same time hasn't netted me anymore adena than anyone else. I understand the point you're trying to make but that's just not the case here. The issue isn't with leveling too fast, it's an actual problem with the adena rates and drop rates in general for some areas at least, and whether that's by design remains to be seen.
  8. Heard a leak about a new event starting tomorrow called, Aden Triathlon. Start by swimming from Talking Island to Gludin, run to Giran and afk fish for 2 hours and then finish by running the rest of the way to Aden. Good luck everyone. Don't forget your Elven Mithril Sets. I heard to winner will get enough adena to port back to Giran.
  9. Time to start level alts to 40 boys. Maybe by the time your account has all 7 characters to 40 you'll be able to afford to play on your main again.
  10. Time to just level a bunch of characters from 1-40 until I get bored of L2. Maybe by the time I die of exhaustion I'll have enough adena to afford one spellbook.
  11. They wanna force enough people to quit so they can downgrade the servers again to increase their profit margins
  12. I think the general frustration comes from even having to farm THAT much for a spellbook vital to a characters kit. It'd be faster and cheaper to just level a BD to 40 for the crit dmg dance
  13. I mean they are just "Community Managers" after all so they probably have zero power in what actually gets done. Which is why we'll never get a real response from them other than the ones they're told to say, because they simply don't have any answers to give. They're just puppets who do and say as they're told and that's about it. As for the people threatening to refund, good luck with that. You paid for NCoins and received them, there's a reason why they don't sell VIP status outright because they don't want to owe you anything. So as soon as you received your NCoins that's where it end
  14. I don't think he meant that as literally, he was just using the math as an example... lol
  15. You think you're getting a 50% drop rate increase but how do you actually know? With everything else on this server being so bleeped, you could really just be paying for placebo
  16. Well that was my initial concern when they first announced it, and it's only made worse by the fact that some people have gotten multiple weapons from the event and pushed them straight into C grade gear, which is a huge jump at this point in the server.
  17. I never said it was being extended, I want to know why a Halloween event is extending two weeks into November, should have been done and over with on Halloween.
  18. So you're only just now "fixing" the Spider Nest quest after people have been able to abuse it for over a month now? And why is a "Halloween" event extending two weeks into November? SO more players can be RNG-carried by D grade weapon boxes?
  19. More unscheduled downtime that we won't be compensated for.
  20. Don't VIPs have their own separate queue? It's only gotten to that point because NCSoft forced everyone's hand into getting VIP because of the atrocious 12 hour queue times that plagued us a couple weeks ago. Now that there are thousands of VIP accounts now, yeah there's going to be a bit of a wait for all the VIPs, I'd much rather sit in a 600 VIP queue than the 1200 f2p queue, pick your poison.
  21. This is how I was feeling, with all the time spent in queue over the last month, I felt like I was finally able to make some progress. And now they wanna kill that ASAP.
  22. I'm so glad I logged out of the game if they were just going to keep the servers up but close down the login, can't wait to be in queue when the login server is back up
  23. Should have just kept the lingering halloween buff the way it was, was the only decent thing to come out of this event.
  24. It's a little concerning to me that there seems to be a general lack in intelligence or foresight over at NCWest. First you have to adjust the event monster spawn time from 15-30 mins to 12 hours to combat the number of AFK accounts just sitting there. Then two weeks later you add an event with even better prizes that encourages that very same behavior, wheres the logic in that?
  25. Better get that VIP as soon as you log in, or you might never get a chance to play this game again lol
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