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  1. No further update on this topic? Such a serious panel of gms!
  2. I dont know if ill play or no... but you can be sure after this i wont give a single $ to NCSOFT go and review your active players, that will be 1/4 too soon.
  3. You cant be more.... "narrow minded" Its not about not being able to face a challenge, its about the disparity between xp earning rate and adena earnign, what will make ur beloved "classic" unplayable in a future term (you will have to rise 4 chars to fund your main char) and thats not how L2 must be played. You want this rates? ok But you need to make them all 0.25.... Go 1/4xp 1/4 sp and 1/4 adena or 1/2x everything, i dont care,,, but you cant have 1x rate on xp and totally unbalanced adena rate.
  4. Until this thing its adressed, the future of this server will be none but the unavoidable loss of most of the player base. Im playing some mins a day, waiting for this to be fixed, not that i "cant stand" hardcore l2, im an old player, but this is just no sustainable. No way to level up and progress.... Worst thing? Gms taking money but NOT SAYING ANYTHING , not even to declare that they wont fix anything. Its kinda disrespectful.
  5. (If he drop/spoil levels ever get fixed) im really excited about starting in a classic server when everyone starts from the beggingin, lots of low lvl parties and so. Im a support and i love going on groups. I was thinking on takign back my odl times c1/c3 bishop but i also have thoughts on prophet. Any advice about supports population on the server?. PS: am i the only one thinking SE got a massive OP with the new skills?
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