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  1. Hi all, I just would like to share my thoughts with you, related to all our this year events. I understand to maintain the server and the game we have to spend money on Ncoins but what I don't understand is how the chances for decent drops falling down from pretty good to almost zero. I remember just 1 - 2 years ago we could spend 100$ and get a really good amount of Adena after selling all the items from event boxes/pouches. Unfortunately these days no matter how much you spend you will get more than likely just crap and after you won't be even able to sell it as the whole market has been destroyed. Now admins should consider two possible solutions: 1. Increase the drop from event boxes and let people enjoy the game 2. Stop p2w events and let just players buy whatever they want <lol> During this Dragon Shirt event, I have spent around $300 and opened 300 Dragons Boxes, in the end, I received items worth around 5b Adena. Please look at the prices for good R99 pve/pvp weapons or other armor sets and boss jewelry... how many more stupid boxes do I have to open and how much money do I need to spend to buy +12 PVE weapon worth 30b? In my case, I would have to spend around $2000!!! Some players are running already with Dragon Weapons and Greater Jewels so I don't see the point of spending $300 to get 5b as with this amount of Adena I'm gonna get nowhere anyway! Now NCsoft do you understand why some of us will have to stop spending real money at L2 Store promos? Because it simply does not make any sense! Most of the players already buying Adena from black market sellers as for equivalent of $300 dollars they would easily get 30b Adena. For me, you should think about bringing back to life the old good events where everyone had a chance to get a couple of nice drops. After this event and today's wasted time I just simply decided not to sponsor you anymore because you are just a bunch of greedy and very bad people. With Best Regards, One of the oldest players