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  1. Every day I try to log in but after couple of hours I give up... This morning I didn't even try, I've lost my patience and don't dare to get coins in case I don't ever even get through the queue. Now I just check up on the forums from time to time to see if things gets fixed, but pretty much lost hope. At least I got more time for my studies now!
  2. It's not that easy to just "increase capacity" because the server itself can't probably withstand such amount of players and would become unstable and so unplayable for anyone in it. They just need to fix the login so ppl won't be afraid to close the client once done playing, instead of staying afk sitting aorund for hours just cause they're scared they won't be able to log back in. Maybe add a server and make ppl be able to transfer too.
  3. I was right about to get myself VIP but seeing all this sure isn't encouraging. VIP's are queuing and even if they weren't, you can't even get in game to claim your VIP. I feel like they didn't even properly stress test or anything their servers before they just dropped the game. Beta testing could have come in handy here, even if just to poke around to see the amount of ppl interested. Announcing two weeks before and then dropping this half-done stuff just smells like someone wanting fast cash. NCsoft, I really love this game but you sure are making it hard right now for me to want to continu
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