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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QiZgf61LmA

    Video of the siege 31/3/19 lonely wolf style, breaking the balls to BD clan

    BonusTrack of Ceremony of Chaos at the end, fighting vs the fail 2t weapon.

    Gratz Nova, Bandidos and FS for the second place in coc!! Tryharding till last days... at least second place not bad at all

    Funny minutes:
    - 2:28 dragon weap lv1, +20 cloaks and full greaters die vs random archer 105
    - 3:13 loli loli archer 109 die pizi
    - 7:12 zefrito owned like always (nothing impresive)
    - 7: 58 BONUSTRACK in the CoC vs my personal friend popito aka the 2t weap (special thanks for the CoC hero)
    - 8:36 Pictures about nova trashtalking, BD no castle, and Special thanks to my clan MorningStar 


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