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  1. Trade Scams in Giran town

    Really sad whats going on on GIRAN SERVER atm with all this scammers. Please avoid to make trades , i recommend also to go in your options and setup to auto decline trades! NCsoft need to do something about this @Juji @Hime this is bad for server health and alot of ppl quiting because of this , its easy to track down this scammers and just perma ban IP. Some nicks that you should investigate [moderated] (plus they keep doing lvl 1 toons for this scams / selling scammed items at giran).
  2. Trade Scams in Giran town

    This is obviously a scam scheme that these player/players are using and super easy to track and find out! I can give my personal testimony and said that i fell on this scam these past few days and pretty sure a lot more players eventually will also post here saying they fell on the same "trap". No matter what, a scam is a scam and its super bad for the server community and unhealthy. NcSoft should do something about this!
  3. World Raid Boss Renewal - 5/27 The dev team is continuing to make adjustments to the game content for the Classic Server after receiving many requests from players to update low level content. The world raid bosses below will have their drops renewed and difficulty level scaled up to level 85 next week: Queen Ant - Lv. 40 => Lv. 85 Core - Lv. 50 => Lv. 85 Orfen - Lv. 50 => Lv. 85 Zaken - Lv. 75 => Lv. 85 Baium - Lv. 80 => Lv. 85 All the drops from epics raids are super low , nerfed to the ground. Epics Raid are harder to kill but always better rewards and after updated not even worth the soulshouts that we use to kill them! Queen Ant , Core , Orfen they droped D and C grade stuffs ok i can understand but how about Zaken that now drop 1 low a grade armor or weapon that makes no sense at all. You did make Epics harder and less reward again no sense , please hope u can fix this drop table or increase the % of drops!
  4. Server Fix !

    +1 Agree! We need fix on server urgent otherwise u will lose most of players and money as well that comes from Ncoins!
  5. A Grade Weapon & Runes

    Plus add Lilith or Anakim Rune Cost 471 Gem A . Can we get info about this? Please tell me that is only bug. @Juji @Hime
  6. + 1 Please reconsider this event. It will kill the server and will not be balance and fun anymore.